Twitter, Facebook and others silenced Trump. Now they know what’s next.

Silicon Valley’s move to exclude President Trump from social media has represented the power show companies have avoided creating for nearly four years. Now Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc. and others should consider the things that are ahead.

In a span of a few days, Twitter and Facebook – Mr. Trump’s main social-media megaphone — took action to silence the president’s personal accounts or online communities devoted to him, citing rules that incite violence. He joined companies such as Snap Inc. and Reddit Inc.

Apple Inc., Inc. And Alphabet Inc. K Google took steps to boot up the social-media app and website, which has increased in popularity among conservatives – and some rioters fueled Wednesday’s attack by screenshots seen by the US Capitol, The Wall Street Journal accordingly.

Actions against Mr. Trump and Parler show more clearly than ever the impact on companies’ interactions – and the political nature of their decisions. Many applauded, rejected the president and even insulted others by some of his supporters, who said it amounted to censorship, and the move led some users to risk driving in this way, which particular As for Twitter, their businesses can reopen. It also reflects the political nature of how they determine what content to remove, what content to allow and what to increase.

“Right or wrong, they made a political decision,” said Jonathan Hounschild, director of the Communications and Technology Task Force for the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative nonprofit group about the company’s move. The focus on the tech giants was to begin. Now the spotlight is fully on, ”he said.


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