Twitch’s soundtrack today features debates, and will allow streamers to play music while going live

Today, Twitch releases a new product soundtrack, which allows streamers to play music while going live – or at least, the simplest way to explain it. If the product works the way Twitch says, the soundtrack when broadcasting would be much more than just playing the rights-approved music. This can change how you think about using music solely on twitch.

The issue that the soundtrack is solving is very simple: if the music is copyrighted, you can’t use it while streaming Unless You have rights to those songs. If you happen to use copyrighted music during the broadcast, Twitch is not necessary solely because it is being played live. If viewers create clips from that broadcast, however, or the stream’s VOD is left online, it is likely that the streamer will get a copyright strike from the original rights holder. The three attacks mean a permanent ban from Twitch. (It is also worth noting that VODs are automatically muted if they are found to contain copyrighted music.) Twitch streamers were also a hit, sometimes years-old clips, with a wave of copy streams from the label back in June. He had no hand with .

This is why what Twitch’s soundtrack actually does is super interesting. This is a separate application that interfaces with your streaming software – it currently supports OBS, Streamlabs OBS and Twitch Studio.

The soundtrack separates the music stream into its own channel and broadcasts it simultaneously but, crucially, separately. This integration allows Twitch to automatically snatch music from the VOD of your live stream – as songs that are cleared for live use are also not necessarily cleaned up for use in recordings – and at the same time the site Allows to calm down a lot more with music on the side of the stage itself. (In a word: it solves the desktop audio problem.)

So, if you’re a dreamer using the soundtrack in your broadcast, you’ll see some thoughtful additions to the Twitch product team. Below the stream, there is a widget that shows which song is currently playing, which updates live. It also connects to the artist’s Spotify page And Their Twitch channel, if they happen to be one.

Soundtrack app view
Picture: Twitch

A playlist in the soundtrack
Picture: Twitch

The implications of that particular decision are wild. Twitch is starting with a small group of labels and distribution platforms – including indie favorites like Dim Mac, such as big players like Soundcloud and Distrokid. The stage has also decided to curate playlists for specific moods, meaning that the actors on those playlists will suddenly get an audience that is probably as large as the live audience for Twitch. And it’s not just the playlist; The soundtrack also has libraries of music to suit a specific mood they call a calling station. Everything you see on the soundtrack is cleaned for use on air, whether it is a track from a playlist or a deep cut in the music library from where the track is being played.

That’s all it means Those The cast, who may or may not be a star in themselves, have a chance to break out on a completely different stage. This is huge, especially considering How The music is used on Twitch: as an accompaniment of action, whatever the action is – like the sound bed in the podcast.

On the other hand, Facebook Gaming recently announced its music offering. This allows streamlined streamers to play music from major labels in the background of their broadcasts, with some restrictions. (Some tracks are “banned”, for example, although Facebook won’t say what they are until you play them on your stream.) The company says it will roll out the feature to all Facebook gaming streamers Has been working for, but has not given it. A specific date for this to happen.

As a twitch dreamer myself, I’m excited to see how streamers use the soundtrack in their broadcasts as it solves a lot of problems at once – it seems to be a Made for a streamer-specific use case. I know I’ll sign up for an early build, and I can’t wait to try it on my channel.


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