Twitch suspends Lifeshare’s channel after YouTube ban

Longtime YouTuber-Turn-Twitch streamer has now banned his account by both platforms, with Twitch revealing in a statement to insider Rod Breslau that he has permanently suspended his channel .

While Leapie was once distinguished as one of YouTube’s most notorious commentary channels, he took an extended hiatus from the stage, returning with a vengeance in 2020 to garner praise from his fans.

However, he found himself confronted with criticisms and speculation targeting the Twitch streamer ‘Pokémon’ after uploading several videos – and he did not stop, threatening to upload such content until YouTube Did not give him the boot

YouTube finally did so shortly after, allowing Lychee to find a new home on Twitch, where he banned “bait” using offensive language.

YouTube: LeafShare

LeviShare has been banned from Twitch after moving to the platform following its previous ban from YouTube.

His behavior seems to have finally caught him, as Twitch has now handed the streamer a permanent suspension, which Rod Breslau revealed via Twitter.

A statement given to Rod claimed that Twitch had banned the leaflet for writing “protecting the community,” saying: “We reserve the right to suspend any account for conduct that violates our rules.” Or that we are unfair, harmful or determined. Our community is in danger. “

As the ban is permanent, it does not appear that Leafy will be making his return to Twitch – but he is reaching the stage for help, claiming that he was not informed of an impending ban and Was arguing that the permanent suspension is a bit severe for his “first offense”.

“Wtf Bezos, just when I started having fun,” he said of the situation. “Twitch support – is it any appeal, it was my first crime brother lmfao.”

“Thought there would be a warning before or something,” he continued. “I mean it was clear that I was pushing it forward, but still somewhat of TOS was being taken into consideration.”

Fans and critics alike are divided as to the surprise reign of twitch, with many likening it to YouTube’s last ban from the Leafs, which they argued equally as allegedly never warning Was found.