Twitch Streamer DrDisrespect signs with CAA (exclusive)


3:38 PM PST 1/10/2019


Natalie Jarvey

Known as DrDisrespect, Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV has more than 3 million followers on Amazon's live streaming platform.

CAA is adding to its list of games.

The agency has hired Twitch Herschel's live broadcast "Guy" Beahm IV, also known as DrDisrespect, for representation in all areas.

Beahm began publishing live games on Twitch less than two years ago and has increased his number of followers to more than 3 million, which makes him one of the most followed players on the platform. Its Twitch channel has generated more than 100 million visits.

A great personality, Beahm is known for playing character games complete with a mullet, sunglbades and mustache that he has nicknamed "Slick Daddy". The expert competitor of Battle Royale, who has counted Gillette, ASUS, Razer and G Fuel as sponsors, was named the best player of the year 2017 by the E-Sports Industry Awards and the best player of the year in the 2017 Game Awards.

Beahm currently serves as an advisor to and was previously a level map designer for Activision Blizzard & # 39; s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

CAA will work with him in areas such as television, movies, tours, digital distribution, badociations, endorsements, personal appearances and publications.

The signing comes a month after CAA adds Nicholas Amyoony, known as Nick Eh 30, and David Steinberg, known as StoneMountain64, to its client list, and signals an impetus to the agency to work more with the growing talent in the world of e- Sports and games. CAA also represents the developers and creators of videogames through its game department.

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