Twitch is testing ‘multiplayer ads’ that creators can use to make money

Today, Twitch is calling “multiplayer advertising” in closed beta. They are ads triggered by streamers All The audience watches. (Currently, ads shown to viewers are targeted; they are not.) After one of these ads is running, creators can run a survey for their audience based on how many viewers participate, streamer bits. Is awarded.

“In a real twitch sense – we want our producer and fan to have the opportunity to experience everything together, and support their favorite creators,” a Twitch spokesperson wrote in an email.

Twitch is quite flirting with its commercials this year. Between September and November alone, the company has tested ad-blockers breaking ineligible tipper advertisements.

As a dreamer, I think multiplayer advertising is a very logical development because right now nobody is happy with the status of Twitch commercials. They are intruding, and they Too Most creators should not benefit. (CPMs are very low.) Multiplayer ads, on the other hand, will directly benefit creators, even at higher rates than traditional CPM – even if those payments are coming as Twitch’s own currency. For reference, 1 bit is equal to 1 percent. A Twitch spokesperson confirmed that bit payouts on multiplayer advertisements are additive to traditional CPM, so running these ads would have to pay twice.

Beyond traditional, targeted video ads, it is good to see twitch while experimenting with new ad formats. Here’s hoping that the creators are paid more!

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