Twins record 18 hits with Sweat in Minnesota’s Wild Card Series

Streak, the longest running back in the history of North American pro sports, has reached 18 games. Wednesday afternoon at Target Field, Minnesota twins swept into the three-best wild card series by Houston Astro. The Astro won the game on Tuesday (HOU 4, MIN 1) before completing the Wednesday sweep in Game 2 (HOU 3, MIA 1).

Rance was at a premium during the two-match series and Carlos Correia gave Houston a good lead on Wednesday with his seventh inning solo home. There was a pair of RBI singles along with Kyle Tucker. The former Twin Ryan closed the series with a 1-2-3 ninth inning.

In Game 1 on Tuesday, Jose Altuve gave Astro a 2–1 lead in the ninth inning, performing a base-loaded walk against Sergio Romeo. Jorge came in after throwing another Luis Arraise from Polanco’s bag, continuing the inning. It would have been the final of the inning.

“We didn’t give ourselves enough room to work,” twin manager Rocco Baldelli told reporters, Including Anderson Picard of MLB Daily Dish, After Game 1 loss. “In a tight situation, what you’re not going to execute comes back to bite you and that’s what happened in today’s game.”

Tuesday’s loss saw the NHL lose a new North American postseason streak record, cracking a break with the Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago lost 16 straight playoff games by 1975–79. The Red Sox, who lost the second longest title in baseball history, lost 13 straight from 1986–95. That losing streak began with a Bill Buckner game.

Here are the longest running streaks in North American sports, According to YES Network researcher James Smith:

  1. Minnesota Twins: 18 games (2004 to date)
  2. Chicago Blackhawks: 16 games (1975–79)
  3. Detroit Pistons: 14 games (since 2008)
  4. Los Angeles Kings: 14 games (1993–2001)
  5. Tied in many 13 games

As noted by’s Sarah LangsOf the other 29 MLB teams, 27 have won the Postsmen game since the Twins won one last time. The Meriners (not having reached the postseason since 2001) and the Marlins (having reached the postseason for the first time since 2003 this year) are two exceptions. Since then 18 teams have won at least 10 postseason games and 10 have won at least 20.

The twins have not won a post-game since Game 1 of the 2004 ALDS. His opening box that day was Johan Santana. Thirteen of these 18 consecutive posts have come against the Los Yankees (2004 ALDS, 2009 ALDS, 2010 ALDS, 2017 Wild Card Game, 2019 ALDS), three against Athletics (2006 ALDS), and two against Astro.

With the sweep, Astro advances to the Southern California hub and awaits the winner of the Athletics vs. White Sox series at the ALDS. This series will start from Monday. The Twins will go home for the winter and try to figure out again how they can get the hump in October.

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