Twin Suicide Attacks Kill At Least Five In Kirkuk

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Published on Monday, 06 November 2017 14:22

Two explosions struck the northern Iraqi metropolis of Kirkuk killing not less than 5 individuals and wounding greater than 20 others, native medics stated.

The suicide badault focused workplaces of Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) on Atlas Street, situated within the coronary heart of the town, on Sunday, in keeping with native media reviews.

The PMF are Iranian-backed, Shia-dominated paramilitaries who’ve fought alongside Iraqi authorities forces since 2014.

The badault was the primary of its sort for the reason that Iraqi central authorities regained management of the multi-ethnic metropolis final month from Kurdish Peshmerga forces – who had been answerable for the realm for 3 years.

A controversial September 25 referendum on Kurdish secession led to mounting tensions between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Iraqi central authorities. Baghdad had declared the outcomes of the referendum unlawful.

The non-binding vote led to a army confrontation between Peshmerga forces and Iraqi authorities forces in Kirkuk, which was beforehand thought of among the many disputed areas of the northern area.

Kirkuk was amongst territory seized by Peshmerga forces when the Iraqi army deserted the town within the face of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) advances in 2014, however it isn’t throughout the borders of the KRG’s autonomous territory.

There was no fast declare of accountability for Sunday’s badault.

Baghdad has reiterated it will re-badert federal management over all borders the KRG at present controls – with Syria, Turkey, and Iran – in keeping with the Iraqi structure.

-Al Jazeera

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