Tweet update on Indianapolis Colts’ Michael Pittman Jr. foot injury

The Indianapolis Colts are missing the talent of Rocky wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. after suffering a leg injury during the Week 3 game against the New York Jets.

After suffering from leg compartment syndrome, Pittman Jr. had to undergo surgery to relieve pressure in his leg that night after the game. Although he is at least expected to be out via the team’s Week 7 buy, the rogue Chaudi tweeted an update to his on-the-road recovery.

Pittman Jr. reported that he ran for the first time on the turf on Saturday, before the Kits hosted the Cincinnati Bengals at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Week 6.

With the struggling going through, Paris Campbell on injured reserve indefinitely and the Colts in need of playmakers, Michael Pittman Jr. cannot make a second-round comeback anytime soon.

Pitman Jr. began promising something just before the injury, but fans and the coaching staff needed more from him. At 8.1 yards per carry, Pittman Jr. was just beginning to play a role on the boundary.

The Colts are very confident that Pittman Jr. will become a great asset to the offense and even though he will not be returning as soon as possible for a few weeks, he appears to be making solid progress.