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What happens if you come to Besiktas


President Fikret Orman said that they would like to enlarge the "Come to Besiktas" communication opportunity reaching a total of 1.2 billion people around the world, "We have tried to show that we have opened all our arms without regard to religion, . We aim to reach 100 million Beşiktaş supporters in 2020. "

Beşiktaş Club introduced new communication campaign of" Come to Besiktas "slogan, which brings great voice around the world.

President Fikret Orman, at the presentation meeting held in Vodafone Park, Come to Besiktas "stated that they wanted to spread the communication opportunity all over the world and said" Come to Besiktas "was a slogan supporter. As a club, we made it an important project and started to spread all over the world.

Pepe, Lens, Negredo, Medel and Vida transfer the campaign they launched in the other clubs that conveyed the President of the Forest, "the transfer of our videollarızız significant voice I think we brought it. We thought we'd move this campaign to another level. Besiktas will spend funding to promote this. We are trying to make the world talkable. "

Besiktas President stated that Mevlana's universal message is leading them to the new campaign. Fikret Orman, who wants to make "Come to Besiktas" an iconic brand, said: "With this campaign, we tried to show that we have opened our arms without regard to religion, language and race. We think that the word of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi will light this too. 'Come, come, whoever you are, come again. Our delegation is not a desperation convent, we have come back again once we have broken the promise of a thousand times ".

Reminiscent of the opening of the Chinese market at the beginning of the season Fikret Forest, "big clubs in the global budget differences between us. 160-200 million euros have been paid for the referral fees. We need to grow our budget without putting our clubs in debt.

After the speech of President Fikret Orman, the universal words of Mevlana were written in English The commercial that was included was published. In the highly acclaimed commercial, Cenk Tosun, who was transferred to Everton, as well as Pepe, Quaresma and Atiba took place.

Fikret Orman, Cenk Tosun's question about the role of advertising, "a previously filmed film. Cenk is part of our family even if it is transfer. He went to represent Everton, but maybe he wants to return to his family at some point in his career.

Besiktas President, a question about the intense interest of black and white from Iran and Azerbaijan they want to go to these countries on the stating, "the national team is empty. We want to go to Iran and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is a market we care about. At the beginning of February my team will go to Azerbaijan.

President Fikret Orman also stated that they were negotiating for Besiktas Super League matches to be broadcast in China.

1 million pounds budget

allocate a significant budget campaign explaining that President Rebecca Wood, "the film bearing the flag of Turkey, will be an important publicity for our country. I congratulate the whole communication team. I estimate we will spend over 1 million.

Fikret Orman, in addition to advertising as a club, magazines and social media accounts prepared in different tongues all countries would spread. Fikret Orman said, "We will spread this campaign all over the world, especially in Azerbaijan, Iraq, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Algeria and Dubai." Forest also announced that Beşiktaş Sompo Japan could make the camp in China next season.

President Fikret Orman presented the campaign at the meeting in Vodafone Park.


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