The World Famous Model names Mealladh with Mehmet Öz

Heidi Klum, the supermodel left a long time marker, expects a child from Tom Kaulitz, who has recently been involved. Klum, 45, was pregnant with her fifth child and told the doctor that she could be a mother again thanks to Mehmet Öz.

"I work with MEHMET ÖZ"

Heidi Klum, the famous model, who played with Tom Kaulitz, who was 16 years younger than this month, was pregnant with his fifth child. In March 2018, he took part in December, and his & Couple is still on the weddings, news of the day is shared with the fans. Such questions were given to Tom and Klum's athlete who is 45 years old to ask how heavy & # 39; is this age. Klum also said that the famous Turkish doctor Mehmet Öz was heavy for his healthy and fertility to produce nutritional tips. "I've been pregnant with a natural way. I've worked with Mehmet Öz so far and I'll finally take my baby with Öz recommendations."


Mehmet Oz by Klum & the women in the foods that increase fertility as follows: "Maca root, avocados, bananas, semips pumpkin, sesame, eggs, gallnuts, oysters, carrots, blackberry, broccoli, castle, pumpkin and food that includes "

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