Estimated prices of $ 50,000 from CEO Giant Bitcoin Exchange, BTC, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin's premium view – BitMEX Chief Executive Arthur Hayes says Bitcoin is constantly changing to a new phase. In an interview with the Venture Coinist, Hayes says that love with all new things with the new generation will claim hugely that medals are accepted and say:

Dik Now we have reached a generation where generation has grown and generation X before coming into years that they destroyed. Tasks and preferences of this generation are very different. Generations of generation Y are different from those of the generation X. So what do we know about the generation of Y.


Some are at the young end of the spectrum. They are digitized digitally and the priorities are fully operational. They have a screen as they are a little boy. When we look at them, we can see that they are very comfortable using a service with very little human interaction.

So if you make changes in the way we deal with services and bring it to the eco-services financial system, you will see that cash and trade will not work like the next 10 to 20 years. Priority shift platforms are in the next times. Only platforms are available on the internet

Increase by end of year

Hayes says that by the end of the year new rituals with world governments will strengthen Bitcoin and bring the RTB up to $ 10,000 and say:

Orum I think Bitcoin easily reaches $ 10,000 by the end of the year, because all media banks print out more money, as in 2016 and 2017. Now, I don't know if it is is about $ 2,000 or $ 3,000. I don't think there will be a direct increase, up to $ 10,000 or $ 20,000, as it is more likely that Lyft, Uber, Pinterest are investing with their free medals. All these major technologies that are market-based will have the public offer to attract this pond. Once done with your investments, by the end of the year, people will be looking for the next funding strategy.

Money in a long time

In the long term, Hayes says that money will be lost forever and that people understand the same way to obtain financial privacy. Hayes, without cash, allows Bitcoin to reach $ 50,000 and higher for the true adoption of the crypto currency.

Cak I think China and India are the first to do this, but not all other governments – in the west or east – are going to ban money in this country. the next five years. And at this stage, people find out what constitutes financial confidentiality. That doesn't mean millions of dollars of gold crops are kept in the ground floor, because it is very difficult to move that sum. You'll need to have a kind of digital money

Don't run away

Every person has a recommendation at the end of each person and at the end of it. I get a 10-dollar account and I buy a dime. But I can't do that now. There's no money. T I should apply this application Yes.

So, people suddenly think, "How can I get financial privacy?" At the moment, crypto money comes next. Now I don't know if this is Bitcoin or anything else. Bitcoin is perhaps the most common encryption money and it seems to be continuing too. I do not know in relation to a price target, in the next two to five years, it is expected that 50,000 dollars will be expected. But, if the world is led to more Bitcoins, the value of Bitcoin can be especially higher. "

Currently, the crypto silver market is largely green. Bitcoin trade at $ 5.053, up 0.45%. Ethereum manufactures at $ 0.3281, down 0.15% to 0.16%, and the XRP is down 0.38% to $ 0.3281.

Technical researchers watch Bitcoin to $ 5,000. Ethereum and XRP also expect changes in revision and Litecoin.


FXStreet – BTC / USD involved in $ 5,000, the bulls will never pass.

CoinDesk – Bitcoin defends the psychological support line up to $ 4,900 after prices have been lowered.

me Etherea

The price of $ 159 is expected to be pressed by environs – ETH / USD, and will be shown a break.

CryptoGlobe – If the bulls reach over the EMAs, ETH will continue to move up.


NewsBTC – XRP broke support for the price price, the rallies returned to sell.

FXStreet – Bear print is liable to make $ 0.3000

the Litecon

Ethereum World News – The cost of Litecoin may be lost before climbing.

FXStreet – Despite falling, Litecoin always returns to the zone. gelişu to be informed about developments at the last minute Twitterat follow, Facebook similar to our page Telegram Come with our channel!

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