Domestic cars will be electric and independent

Age Group (Chief Executive) Mehmet Gürcan King, "when 2022 the middle of the outside world slowly began to get into market, we will also be Start up our motor car launch, and this will take the 3rd stage ready for independent (drivers) of the vehicle. ” said the priest.

In his keynote speech, organized as part of the World Congress of International Cities, held at the Erasia na Yenikapı Exhibition and Arts Center, hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said: t Karakaş that the question of whether the time is right for domestic representation, access to opportunities and how you do that is often expressed. gave.

Yes, there is the potential to be a transformative one because the vehicle sector has been transformed, so we need to consider this time well. Is there a market in Çünkü Dolayısıyla Yes, there is even a market for more than a car. we always use the same phrase at our place of departure. phrases used.

"Electronic vehicles including sub-bands" t

Worldwide trends in the three dimensions that measure Karakaş, the first size of technology, the second social, the last third.
Some trends which have grown steadily with the works the lawyers have brought out, which we have seen more often. Let's start with technology first. With improvements to battery technology, the range and effectiveness of electric vehicles is continually increasing and as a result they will quickly replace the internal combustion vehicles and sweep them out of life. Secondly, it is now possible to use self-driving devices in sensory technology, with advances in voluntary intelligence. "We can design, view and design it," he said.

Karakaş said that all future cars would be fully digital.

From social perspective it can be seen clearly in sharing a voicing economy that will increase the King, "Cars like this self-portrayed as a rental car and share. Therefore the distinctiveness of an urbanization that is so important" t Turkey's deyince metropolization is soon the world's average Smart homes, wicker buildings and cities are also quick to re-define the rules of the game with the players t "it said," he said.


Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş said the car market was growing, but the sector should continue to maintain digital transformation.
In the world, electric and automotive vehicles have been seen in the future and pointed out that they are leaving a big budget for the areas Karakaş, "2022 from the market as a fully electric vehicle, and like we are discussing the number of vehicles which will be born electronically from an birth year. ”he said.

As a LEGG, they first followed with 2 targets, Karakaş followed as follows:

"The first competition in the Arena Arena with Turkey technology and brand creation for electric vehicles. The second one has hit the road to be involved in the change to a new world. An eco-system update, which is about 15 years of project when we plan to see our project – in a country we don't know too much for such a period. These projects are long-reaching, but are long-term projects, with strong support from our President, 5 private sector producers, our own babayiðit produced by the enterprise agency Automobile and Turkey, creating a professional team as a team then, all right. the world 's biggest study We looked at good examples and even bad examples, and as a result the 48 – month product development process has risen.


Karakas, that Turkey was aiming to create it across the competitive brand world, he said:

“And we have the technical information on the vehicle, we have nearly 900,000 characteristics, we have been identified, even known. We need to create a portfolio by saying that there are not enough, and that we need to create a package.
According to the new models we must work. And of course we will sell to sustainable prosperity. That's why we are talking about a brand that can compete on a global scale. "

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