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Author İhsan Eliaçık asked for 7.5 years in prison

The writer Ihsan Eliaçık was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison for allegedly propaganda of the PKK terrorist organization in the writings he wrote on a website.

In Istanbul 26th High Criminal Court, Ihsan Eliaçık and his attorney did not attend.

It was recalled that the accused, Elijak, wrote on an internet site, that he had been sent to BIMER for the propaganda of the PKK, the armed terrorist organization.

In the commentary,

In the summer of Sanik, it was claimed that PKK / KCK members of the terrorist organization PKK / KCK were shown innocent to the trench-digging activities in certain areas, and thus the so-called organizational described as ownership of violence in the deliberations, the territory of the Republic of Turkey accused "the so-called Kurdistan as" spreading separatist ideologies of describing the organization and allegedly tried to justify

In the opinion, when the articles published as a whole are evaluated as a whole, it is assumed that their actions are "praising terrorist violence, calling for incitement, incitement, armed resistance and invocation of rebellion and acts of violence" and it is supposed that this is a chain of terrorist propaganda

It was demanded that the defendant Eliaçık be sentenced to prison sentence of 1.5 years to 7.5 years for the crime of making "propaganda of a terrorist organization."

The court delegation requested that the opinion be sent to the defendant Eliaçık and his lawyer,

The delegation, which had decided that the defendant and his lawyer should be given notice in case of warning that they would not be granted additional time in spite of the definite period, postponed the stance to defend the accused and his lawyer.
In the indictment prepared by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, the defendant Ihsan Eliaçık was requested to punish him for "making propaganda for a terrorist organization", arguing that he made propaganda of the PKK / KCK as a weapon against terrorist organization

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