& # 39; We are & # 39; go into a stage of increased fluid infection & # 39;

Maltepe University Department of Education and Medical Research Department Medication Department of Inclusion Medicine
Specialist Fatih Öner Kaya, "We are going into a stage where a disease of flu vaccine increases.
Lightning if you often need to hang manual hanging as a result of daily work or life
you must use your colony with you. At least twice a week
Do not forget to drink alcohol. Absolute mucous absorption in this breath
Flu can be protected against resistance. "he said.

Depending on the university, viruses that cause flu is constantly changing
Show. Even three to four years changing the structure of the defense system
I can not recognize a new form. He restores his structure in the winter
The H1N1 virus subsequently caused a massive break.

Maltepe University, Department of Medicine Education
Creag Medical and Research Mental Hospital, arthritis disease will increase
time, saying, "If you need work or daily life often
If you need to hang a hand, use your colony as a dearth
Needed. Do not forget to drink a footprint at least twice a week. This brot
Attendance can be a collagen in protecting against their flu vaccine. "
It was used.

High fever, weakness, tiredness and general virus have more than 38 degrees
Craig, which can be seen as far as the time, but in March
He said that there was a risk in disease for non-people.

For this reason, those who do not have the disease so far are more careful
should be told Kaya said:

"H1N1 causes rapid damage to its body.
secondary diseases known as secondary bacteria & # 39;
Sail. We have about 1 quad-page bacteria in our body. Fourth fifth of the fountain
disease can cause disease or other diseases after day. Deaths
This is due to diseases associated with high school disease. "

Creag, childhood, older people over 65 years of age, clothing and diabetes
states that there is an intense danger, which lets out a bankruptcy in Turkey
live in the flu so little & # 39; as possible
Tell us:

Özellikle Do not crush any hands.
Do not work out with medical staff such as doctors, nurses. If your business life is
or do not have to hang out manual because of a social life dealer
no cologne. Love the old house
We were. Alcohol in the Cologne; making the virus stable and infectious
It is declining. Nutrition is very important. For at least two days a week.
The collagen mussels that are removed from the trotters are very valuable. One gram of vitamin C per day
Got. You can take it as a result of new fruit or vegetables.
Take care of hygiene and mask when needed. Your sleeping pattern
Look out. "

Affirming that flu can be fatal for people over 65 years. Kumar,
to bring older people to a health center without spending time

Kaya, "We need to deal with old people as a baby.
It is important that older people take the doctor on the second day. In addition to damaging body
It will take a lot of time and will take back time. Great flu vaccine and many organs
due to failure to die up to death. "

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