Turkey will declare a holiday dedicated to planting trees after the Tweet of the young man goes viral


Enes Şahin only has 212 posts on his Twitter account, but a recent tweet that started with "I have an idea" went viral with more than 55,000 responses, and attracted the attention of a member of the Turkish government, who promised to establish his "Day" National tree plantation.

"Let's set an example to the world," Şahin tweeted, "and we will transmit a green country to the next generations."

Many countries already have a national day dedicated to planting trees. For example, 34 nations are listed on the Arbor Day Foundation website, and each celebrates an Arbor Day that corresponds to its best planting season. Other countries have developed their own versions of a national day of tree planting, including Australia, Kenya, North Korea and Iran. But so far, Turkey has not had any official impulse to grow trees for a greener landscape.

The Turkish official who noticed the Tweet of Şahin is Rumeysa Kadak, the youngest elected deputy. She responded that she would present the idea of ​​Enes, and in a few hours, the president himself responded to Şahin through Twitter.

"This is a great idea, Enes, we have always worked for a greener Turkey and we continue to do so." My friends and I will take full responsibility to make sure we have a national tree planting day, "President Erdoğan said. the Daily news from Sabah.

In response, Şahin tweeted: "Mr. President, we are very happy that you have answered our call, we are grateful that you are the voice of the young and of hundreds of thousands."

Even before an official holiday to plant trees in Turkey is established, the "idea" has stimulated a broad commitment across the country, and citizens say they have already started to plant young trees.

The planting of large numbers of trees around the world has become increasingly common, as people have realized the benefits to both the stability of the earth and the air we breathe. Previously, India had the world record for planting most trees in a day with 49.3 million seedlings in Uttar Pradesh in 2016, and that one-day record was broken in July 2017 with 66 million trees planted by India again in Madhyar Pradesh.

If you want to participate in a community tree-planting effort, the Arbor Day Foundation's Time For Trees campaign was recently launched, and seeks to plant 100 million trees worldwide by 2022.

In addition, you can consult non-profit as A tree planted Y natural conservation, (who has committed to planting one billion trees worldwide), or get involved with TreeSisters, a UK charity run by women who plan to plant 2 million trees in the tropics each year.

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