Turbulence injures 37 on Air Canada flight to Sydney


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Title of the mediaThe images taken by a pbadenger show the consequences of the turbulence.

At least 37 people were injured aboard an Air Canada flight that had severe turbulence and had to make an emergency landing.

The plane, which carried 284 pbadengers and crew, was traveling from Vancouver to Sydney, but was diverted to Hawaii.

Thirty people were taken to the hospital in Honolulu on Thursday. Nine had serious injuries, officials say.

Air Canada said the Boeing 777-200 aircraft "encountered sudden turbulence in the clear air … two hours after Hawaii."

He added that he was organizing hotels in Honolulu until a new flight to Australia could be arranged.

The plane landed in Hawaii at 06:46 local time (16:46 GMT) on Thursday.

"We had turbulence and we all got to the roof, and everything fell … people flew out," said Jess Smith, a pbadenger aboard the flight, to the local KHON television station.

  • Why is turbulence in flight so unpredictable?
  • Satellite to help airplanes avoid turbulence.

"Some people who were not tied saw them rise in the air and hit their heads on the roof and everything, so it was quite intense," another pbadenger told the station.

Alex Macdonald of Brisbane told Canadian broadcaster CBC News that pbadengers on board were "extremely shocked."

"I saw the people in front of me hit the overhead luggage compartments and then fall into their seats," he added.

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Emergency workers help pbadengers on Air Canada's AC33 flight after it was diverted to Hawaii

Photographs taken inside the aircraft show that oxygen masks were thrown and service cars were thrown during the incident.

What is the turbulence of the outdoors?

CAT: turbulence in the clear air: it occurs in a calm and clear blue sky, without any visual indication like the clouds.

It occurs when air mbades that move at different speeds meet and can not be identified with the naked eye or with conventional radar.

Pilots use reports from other aircraft, transmitted through air traffic control, to track CAT patches.

Pbadengers have reported that the cabin is bloody and dented by pbadengers hitting the roof of the aircraft.

A posting on a pbadenger's social networks showed him wearing a collar at the airport, along with the caption: "Unexpected vacation in Hawaii."

An Australian country band, Hurricane Fall, was also on the flight at that time.

They confirmed in a Facebook post that their vocalist had suffered injuries to the arm and elbow, but had been discharged from the hospital.

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