Tulsa officer shot during traffic stop is dead, police announce

A police officer and father of two children from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has succumbed to his injuries after being shot early Monday morning during a routine traffic stop, authorities said.

The department announced Sgt. The death of Craig Johnson on Tuesday afternoon, Fox 25 reported. Johnson is survived by his wife, two young children, and his parents.

“It also leaves behind a group of brothers and sisters,” Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin said, referring to Johnson’s fellow officers.

Officer Aurash Zarkeshan, who was also shot during the incident, was reported to have been on patrol for less than six weeks. His wounds have not become fatal.

Police arrested the suspect and identified him as David Anthony Ware, 32. His alleged accomplice, Matt Hall, 29, was also arrested.

“I want to thank the Johnson family for sharing Sgt. Craig Johnson with us, for allowing him to be part of our department and for allowing him to serve this community, ”added the chief.


Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum, a Republican, defended Johnson as a hero and quoted the scriptures to honor his self-sacrifice.

“At this time of terrible loss to our city, I can’t stop thinking about John chapter 15, verse 13. ‘No one has greater love than this, to give his life for a friend.’ Sergeant Craig Johnson lost his life protecting the lives of all the Tulsan, “Bynum said.

Republican Governor Kevin Stitt released a statement after Johnson’s death according to Fox 25 and said, “My heart breaks for the family of Sergeant Craig Johnson and his fellow officers from the Tulsa Police Department. I ask Oklahomans to Let us join the First Lady and myself in continuing to pray for her family and her fellow officers.

“My hope is that Sergeant Johnson will be forever remembered for the heroism, courage and bravery he showed in protecting Tulsa for 15 years,” he continued. “We will also continue to pray for a full recovery for Officer Aurash Zarkeshan, who was injured in the same senseless act of violence. Our law enforcement officers need the support of their community now more than ever, and I encourage the people of Oklahoma to find ways to show your support for those who keep them protected. “

Body camera images showed Ware arguing with police after he was detained for expired paper tags, KTUL reported. Ware refused to leave the vehicle after being informed that the car was likely to be towed.

The encounter escalated from there before one of the officers attempted to taunt Ware. However, he was able to pull out the Taser tips and continued to be belligerent. One of the officers then used pepper spray to subdue him, but Ware remained defiant.


After officers tried to force him out of the car, he pulled a pistol out from under his seat and started shooting at them. Both men were shot multiple times, according to the arrest affidavit.

Ware finally got out of the vehicle and fired three more times as he stood over the injured cops.

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