Tucker warns that Biden will not debate Trump summarizes the extreme left: “You criticize … they attack you”

Tucker Carlson began Wednesday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” by drawing attention to the suggestion that presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden will refuse to debate with President Trump this fall, an idea the host called “the electoral strategy more cynical than ever devised. “

Carlson noted that New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is the most prominent media voice to champion this plan, and suggested that Biden and his campaign could take Friedman’s advice.

“Imagine Biden spending six hours on stage with Donald Trump trading blows on live television,” Carlson asked his audience. “Oh, he can’t do that. So he’s not going to do that. Instead, they’re going to keep Joe Biden hidden behind a curtain … It’s all pretty shocking if you think about it.”

According to Carlson, the idea that Biden could skip the debates summarizes the worldview embraced by his leftist supporters.

“When you criticize them, they won’t get involved with you. They don’t bother to refute your point. They attack you,” he said. “Joe Biden himself attacked this show today, in fact. He did not answer the questions we raised, he just called us by name and then his henchmen tried to get us off the air.”

“We survived,” added Carlson, “because thank God we work here. [at Fox News]”

Carlson said Biden’s criticism of his program is a precursor to how the former senator and vice president as chief executive of the United States will rule.


“Biden will choose a running mate whose identity makes it impossible for anyone to criticize her and then describe any criticism of his government as a hate crime,” he said. “We tested that for eight years with Barack Obama. You know how it works.

“Of course they have been doing it for years on college campuses and in corporate diversity seminars, wherever they have full control. Now the entire American population is receiving the same treatment.”

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