Tucker responds to Chelsea Clinton’s call for censorship of the show: we were asking ‘super obvious questions’

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson responded to Chelsea Clinton’s call for Facebook to shut down its “Tucker Carlson Tonight” program because he questioned why vaccinated people should continue to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions.

CARLSON: Internationally renowned humanitarian and intellectual Chelsea Clinton has had enough of this show, so today she asked that Facebook shut us down.

Dr. Chelsea Clinton is angry that we asked super obvious questions that everyone in the country should be asking. But no one seems particularly angry to learn that the people running this operation are total buffoons who can’t even coordinate their own talking points and can’t answer the most basic questions. The same goes for the vaccine, and there are a couple of them, but do they work or not? Okay, you can tell us. Well, the CEO of Pfizer came out and seemed to suggest today that actually the dose that Pfizer is administering is not working. The Pfizer CEO has now said that two doses are probably not enough. He said people are “likely to need a third dose” of his company’s coronavirus vaccine within 12 months of full vaccination. I guess it’s good to know now. We didn’t know yesterday. When Chelsea Clinton was trying to get us off the air for asking questions, he answered in part. Thank you, CEO of Pfizer, I’m glad to hear it. The Pfizer CEO added that people may need to get vaccinated against the coronavirus every year. Well, good to know too.


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