Tucker explodes insisting on evidence that wildfires in California cause climate change

Democrats attempted to force Americans to vote for their party, accusing climate change of devastating wildfires in California, Tucker Carlson alleged on Friday.

“How did climate change happen?” “Tucker Carlson Tonight” asked the host. “They didn’t tell us, but they just kept saying it. In the hands of Democratic politicians, climate change is like systemic racism in the sky. You can’t see it, but everywhere else it’s assured and it’s deadly.”

“And like systemic racism, it’s your fault,” Carlson said. “The American middle class did that, they cause climate change. They eat too much hamburgers, they fired too much SUVs, they had too many children. Many of them worked wearing T-shirts and Colleges did not end and that is why climate change too.

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“And worst of all,” he went, “some of them may vote for Donald Trump in November. And if something like that, of course, definitely causes climate change – and literally 100 More than% of scientists agree with this established fact – this is a vote for Donald Trump. You can start a tire fire in your yard. ”

Carlson asked Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-California, and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for a campaign to echo the party line.


“Yesterday, people on the Internet’s understanding Biden’s staff tweeted a photo of the wildfire with the message: ‘Climate change is already here and we are seeing its devastating effects every day. We should see President Trump Have to be ejected. White House ‘… So once again, by voting for Donald Trump, you are causing climate change, which causes devastating fires, ”

Carlson also dismissed Pelosi’s comment that the wildfire is a sign that “Mother Earth is furious”.

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“When was the last time Nancy Pelosi went out?” He asked. “Can she identify a single tree? No one asks her, certainly. We all know what she has said – ‘because of climate change.” Of course it did. Because no matter what the natural disaster – hurricanes, tornadoes, acne, whatever – climate change did. In other words, you did it …

Carlson said, “Now keep in mind the person telling you that Nancy Pelosi uses at least two sub-zero freezers … they use a lot of energy.” “And like Barack Obama, like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi constantly flies around the country in private among her multi-million-dollar estates. So, if she cares about climate change, then certainly She won’t do it. ” Nor his supporters. Otherwise, they would get out of his estate in anger. “