Tucker Carlson warns anarchists that ‘we are working to bring down our country,’ saying ‘we have to fight’

Concerned about the future of their country, Americans should stand with anarchists and fight “like everything depends on it – because everything depends on it,” Tucker Carlson said on Thursday.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host alleged that Democrats “serve their purpose,” promoting national anarchy, warning that it was a matter of time when they would be forced to confront their created society.

Carlson: Kensoa Rais working as a class ‘race conflict’

Carlson said, “Riots don’t heal wounds, they make them.” “The violence that Barack Obama and his brigade dominated this country, if anything, increased racial bigotry and mistrust.”

“Someday,” he continued, “Obama and many leaders like him might run away … and an island off the coast of Massachusetts would be far enough away. They would stay in Switzerland by then, or Austria or New Zealand or somewhere else. Where They do not have to live with the consequences of the society they have created.

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“For the rest of us who plan to stay, we have no choice, we have to fight. Anarchism is known by many names. Right now, it’s called Antifa and BLM,” Carlson said. “They are working to tear down our country. Just we need to know that.”