Tucker Carlson says Nashville coronovirus data ‘cover-up,’ other convictions ‘inexcusable’

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host Tucker Carlson said in an alleged cover-up in the Nashville mayor’s office on Thursday about how many coronovirus cases are related to bars and restaurants and others believe that examples of politics include data about Vague is “unforgivable”.

Carlson said a FOX 17 Nashville reporter received an email from Democratic Mayor John Cooper’s office “discussing the fact that only a very small number of cases have been detected at bars and restaurants in the city.”

As of June 30, bars and restaurants had led to just 22 virus cases compared to more than 1,000 homes at nursing homes in Nashville, private data within the mayor’s office showed, according to Carlson.

“Such numbers could be very good news for the city of Nashville. Bars and restaurants have been suffering for months under COVID restrictions,” he said.

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A Nashville Health Department official reviewed the numbers and wrote an email to the mayor’s official last summer stating, “It’s not going to be released publicly, is it?” Bus information for the mayor’s office? “Carlson explained.” Correct, not for public consumption, ”a senior advisor in the mayor’s office replied.

Carlson said, “Why are they afraid to tell us the real numbers? You know the answer, the more data you have about the virus, the more facts, more science, the less fearful it will be.” “And that’s why they always emphasize how many people have died – about 200,000 – but almost never who died.”

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“If you knew that, you know that getting a drink at a Nashville bar or sending your kids to school for that matter gives very little risk to anyone,” he said.

Carlson said that “sanctions and terrible policies” by politicians such as Mayor Cooper are doing more harm to this country and its population than the virus itself is causing. ”

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He said the virus remains as usual: “a major threat to the elderly and those who are already ill. This does not mean that COVID-19 is not dangerous. Of course, it is … it’s not just dangerous.” Is the overwhelming majority of people being destroyed by COVID-19 sanctions and is unforgivable. “