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Tucker Carlson is so offended by ‘WAP’ performance at the Grammys that he shows it multiple times

Fox News host Tucker Carlson put on a great show Monday night denouncing Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s sassy performance at the Grammys, saying they “are intentionally trying to degrade our culture and hurt our children.” .

In fact, he was apparently so offended and outraged by the degradation shown on Sunday night that he aired three separate clips of the two rappers performing their smash hit “WAP.”

By contrasting the raunchy rap song with Fox News’ current obsession, the liberal so-called “cancellation culture” targeting Disney and Looney Tunes characters, Carlson later broadcast an extended montage of the performance, showing the two artists. dancing suggestively on an oversized bed.

“No more Dumbo. It’s too dirty. Instead, we get it, ”Carlson exclaimed before addressing conservative commentator Candace Owens.

“It’s hard not to conclude that they are actively trying to degrade our culture and hurt our children,” added the Fox star.

When Carlson’s show aired a graphic that read, “The left can’t get enough of the song ‘Wet A ** P ****’,” Owens complained: simulated on TV, and this is considered feminist. “

While Owens and Carlson complained about how disgusting and embarrassing the entire show was, the Fox show continued to air additional footage of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion grinding.

“This feels more sinister. This is beginning to seem to me that it is not even left or right, it is not a political issue. This looks like an attack on American values, American traditions, and you are actually actively trying to get kids to aspire to grotesque things, “Owens said, adding,” We are celebrating wickedness in America. “

“They are trying to demean us,” replied the Fox News host as the Grammy presentation played in the background.

Owens went on to state that the performance was the “end of an empire.” “America cannot survive or sustain itself by these values,” he said, adding that “parents should be terrified because this is the direction our society is headed.”

When the Fox primetime host asked Owens about parents’ reactions to raising their children to these songs, another montage of the performance was shown to Fox viewers.

Carlson, in the end, wholeheartedly agreed with Owens that this “culture” was “repressing women in society” before reiterating that “WAP” was “totally degrading.”


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