Tucker Carlson claims that Biden, Harris are planning ‘a new war’ in Syria if elected in November

Democrats and some Republicans are priming the public for a revival of an interventionist foreign policy if Joe Biden is elected president, Tucker Carlson warned Wednesday.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host dedicated the inaugural segment of his event to the response that President Trump announced that the number of US troops in Iraq would be cut by more than 40% by the end of this month.

Ira debuts this month, excluding 2,200 US trophies

“There are a lot of thousands of American soldiers stationed in dozens of countries around the world and from several generations,” Carlson said. “In some cases, there may be a good reason they’re there. In many other cases, we don’t talk about it right now. Not allowed. In Washington, brainless intervention is a very bipartisan project. Both.” The parties support it. ”

According to the host, Trump is the only person in Washington who disagrees with the notion that “the more troops we send overseas, the better.”

“He is constantly talking about bringing troops home from countries around the world,” Carlson said, “and there may be more than any other single reason, talk like this, that the official Washington hates Donald Trump Does. ”

The declaration of a low footprint in Iraq should be due to “widespread celebration,” Carlson argued.

“It means that families are united, Americans are out of harm’s way. But very few people in Washington are celebrating. The Press Corps, which has few people who should know better, is still telling you that How much does Donald Trump hate soldiers and wants them dead – the guy who is bringing them home, ”he said.

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Carlson closed with a warning to voters that if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ Democratic ticket is elected, they are “planning a new war, a distant and strategically irrelevant nation of Syria.”

“They aren’t even trying to hide it, and they haven’t been for a long time.”