Tucker: Amy Connie Barrett ‘represents everything that made this great country,’ so the Dems despised it ‘

Supreme Court nominee Amy Connie Barrett is causing panic among Democrats and according to Tucker Carlson, her happy family is driving her crazy.

“Democrats know that Amy Connie Barrett’s life has refuted the lies she has pushed over the rest of the people for decades, [so] The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host said Monday night that they should personally destroy him. “Her happiness – the happiness of her family – is proof that they are frauds.”

Carlson surveyed Barrett’s qualification to fill a seat held by the late Justice Ruth Beder Ginsburg, a qualification that clerked for the late Justice Antonin Scallia, confirmed by the US Senate as an appellate court judge and seven children. Was raised

Barrett may be the “most influential person” to receive this nomination, Carlson said, but he is making Democrats “completely insane” because he is happy and they are not.


“Even though at some level, Democrats rationally understand that attacking a woman for her family or religious belief is a very bad idea, they can’t help themselves,” he said. “So they are doing this. Amy Connie Barrett represents everything that made it a great country. Therefore, they despise him. ”

Many mainstream media outlets have drawn Barrett to the Catholic faith, with particular attention to his membership in the People’s Pride Organization.

However, according to Carlson, the group is hardly a “fringe sect”, because it originated from the charismatic renewal movement, which has millions of followers – including liberals.

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The host said, “This is the point of attacking Christianity.” “Why do they hate Christianity? Because at its core, Christianity is more of a threat to the Left because it accepts a right than the Democratic National Committee.”

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