Try a Galaxy Foldable Phone for 100 Days Risk Free

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 screen open

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

  • Samsung is giving Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Z Flip 5G buyers 100 days to test the phones risk-free.
  • The move is expected to get people to try folding phones than they might otherwise avoid.
  • The offer lasts until April 1.

Have you wanted to try a foldable phone, but balked at the idea of ​​spending a small fortune when you’re not even sure you like the concept? Samsung thinks it can reassure you. It is launching a promotion in the US that allows you to test a foldable Galaxy for 100 days risk-free.

Buy the Galaxy Z Fold 2 ($ 1,999.99) or the Galaxy Z Flip 5G ($ 1,099.99) from Samsung’s website before April 1 and you’ll have the 100 days mentioned above to return the phone instead of the two weeks you normally would obtained from retailers. In other words, you can get really comfortable with a foldable Galaxy before deciding whether or not it fits your lifestyle.

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You’ll also get an “enhanced” trade-in credit of $ 550 for eligible devices, plus an instant credit of $ 200 for accessories.

There is no mystery behind Samsung’s reasoning. It hopes to attract customers who have the money for a Z Fold or Z Flip, but are retreating to a familiar design like the Galaxy S21 as they can’t realistically test a folding, certainly not during a pandemic, when stores are closed. or they are risky. . While this move isn’t going to make folding phones very popular, it could expand the audience and prepare the market for future devices.

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