Trump’s Snapchat account should be permanently banned

Snapchat plans to be permanently banned President TrumpDonald Trumpgrowing number of GOP lawmakers say they support impeachment, bar temporarily uploading new content to Trump’s channel house, measuring calls on Pence to remove TrumpAccount from social media platform after the election of the President Joe BidenJoe BidenGrowing GOP MPs Say They Support Impeachment House Trump Measures to Call Pence to Remove Disney, Walmart Says They Will Block Donations to MPs Who Have Electoral College Results Objected Later this month, a Snapchat spokesperson confirmed to The Hill.

the axe First decision reported on Wednesday. A spokesman for the forum told The Hill in an email statement that, following the forum’s announcement last week Indefinite suspension on Trump’s account After the Trump supporter’s violent siege in Trumpol, Snapechat “Assessing what is a long-term action in the best interest of our Snapchat community.

The spokesman said, “In the interest of public safety, and based on their efforts to spread misinformation, hate speech and violence, which are a clear violation of our guidelines, we have decided to permanently terminate their account.” , “The spokesman said.

Snapchat noted that Trump repeatedly violated its Community Guidelines and Terms of Service for months because in June the platform decided to stop promoting the president’s account The “Discover” section, which includes professional content and key people content.

Snapchat’s latest decision, on whose platform the Trump campaign and digital teams reach younger audiences, other social media companies have also taken action on some of their supporters to suspend permanent and indefinite accounts from Trump and prevent further violence. Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of a “stolen” election.

Twitter permanently banned last Friday In Trump’s account, arguing that his positions are “Risks of further violence.” Days later the forum announced it Had banned over 70,000 accounts Shared material surrounding the QAnon conspiracy theory in the wake of the capital riot.

Facebook has suspended Trump’s account indefinitely until Biden’s Jan 20 inauguration, and the presidential inauguration YouTube channel was temporarily suspended Wednesday Due to violations of the platform’s policies and concerns about “ongoing potential for violence”, the company said in a statement.

Last week’s violent mob in the Capitol forced lawmakers to lockout for hours. Amid chaos, five people, including a Capitol police officer, died Joe was killed by a fire extinguisher, and a California woman who was badly shot by another officer as she tried to blow up the speaker’s lobby from the floor of the House itself.

Like Criticized social media platforms Told reporters on Tuesday that he believed tech companies were “Divisive” and he said “this is very bad for our country.”

“I think Big Tech is doing a terrible job for our country and our country and I believe it is going to be a terrible mistake for them,” Trump said.

House on wednesday Voted to impeach Trump for the second timeWith the latest article accusing the president of instigating Capitol violence last week. Trump repeated unsupported claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election for months, and told a crowd of supporters at the rally before last week’s riot to march toward Congress to block Biden’s victory certificate.


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