Trump’s ‘rigged’ electoral discussion is more dangerous than it was four years ago

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump has spoken out about the upcoming presidential elections in conspiratorial and often violent ways, as noted liberal New York Times columnist Jamale Baui.

Last weekend in Nevada, Trump said, “I’m going to start by saying that the Democrats are trying to rig this election because that’s the only way they’re going to win.” (There is no difference between the national and the battlefield currently shown to Trump.)

“[T]That’s the only way [Democrats] Can win by doing very bad work. This is the only way, ”he said last week in North Carolina.

“Look, it’s called rebellion. We send in the bus and we do it, very easy. I mean, it’s very easy. I won’t do it because there is no reason for it, but if we had to do it and shut it down within minutes, “Trump said on Fox News last week when asked about the riots if he re-election. Let’s win.

It becomes easy for the political community to dismiss this as his usual Trump rhetoric; After all, he says these kinds of things all the time, when he was overtaking Hillary Clinton four years ago.

But it is another matter when the President of the United States says this, and when his supporters and allies start saying it as well.

The top communications officer of the powerful cabinet department, combining the coronovirus, said on Sunday that career government scientists were embroiled in ‘treason’ to deal with the epidemic and the Left parties were preparing for squads. Rebellion after the election, ”the New York Times reported yesterday.

We don’t know if Trump will do it. But he would definitely say that.

And it is equally dangerous for America’s democracy.

Data download: the numbers you should know today

6,585,191: The number of confirmed cases of coronovirus in the United States, according to recent data from NBC News and health officials. (That’s 40,957 more than yesterday morning.)

195,755: Number of deaths from the virus in the United States so far. (That’s 583 more than yesterday morning.)

87.56 million: According to researchers at the COVID tracking project, as many coronovirus tests have been performed in the United States so far.

400,000: The number of migrants affected by a new court decision that allows the president to abolish legal protections for migrants fleeing their home countries under “temporary protected status”.

Poll: 52 percent don’t trust Trump on vaccines

At last night’s Senate debate in North Carolina, Democratic candidate Cal Cunningham said he would hesitate to get the COVID-19 vaccine if the FDA approved it.

“Yes, I would hesitate, but I’m going to ask a lot of questions,” he said. “I think we are incumbent on all of us right now – the way we have seen politics interfering in Washington in this environment.”

Cunningham is not alone.

Latest Weekly NBC News | According to a survey tracking poll, 52 percent of American adults say they do not trust President Trump’s comment about the vaccine, while just 26 percent say they do.

Another 20 percent say they are “not aware” whether they trust what the president has said about a vaccine

These numbers come as a percentage of Americans who say they will get a government-approved vaccine, pollen also finds.

Only 39 percent of adults say they will get a vaccine – less than 44 percent a month ago.

Tweet of the day

2020 Vision: Final Primary Dance of 2020

Today brings us the last primary day on the 2020 election calendar – Delaware’s primary, just 49 days before Election Day.

And NBC’s Ben Commisser writes that the top race to watch in Delaware tonight is between Democratic Chris Kons and progressive challenger Jess Skarren in the Democratic Senate race.

Cones, a heavy favorite, is a relatively liberal Democrat who is a close ally of former Vice President Joe Biden. He is not a liberal like Joe Manchin, but wants to work in party lines at key times.

Skaren, a 34-year-old digital marketing professional, supports progressive platforms such as Green New Deal and Medicare for All. She hits on issues such as taking money from big industries / fossil fuel companies and compromising with Republicans for cons.

There has been no recent public turnout in Delaware and given its heavy Democratic leanings and the lack of fireworks in the race. On TV / radio, Commissar says, Kons has spent about $ 562,000 for Skorpen’s $ 39,200 per ad analytics. The American Chemistry Council ran $ 217,000 last year on TV commercials promoting the con.

Today on the campaign trail

Joe Biden holds a roundtable with the Giants at a Hispanic Heritage Month event in Florida, where he is in Tampa and Kissimmee. President Trump taped ABC News Town Hall which airs at 9:00 pm ET. Kamala Harris is in Nevada.

Climate conflict

Both President Trump and Joe Biden on Monday talked about climate change and the still blazing fire on the West Coast. But his two messages could not be more different.

Biden called Trump “climate arson” in his speech. “If you ignite a climate in the White House in four years, we wonder why we have more America?” he said. “If you give a climate denier in the White House in four years, why would anyone be surprised if America is more underwater?” We need a president who respects science. “

During a briefing on California fires with Democratic government Gavin Newsom, Trump’s remarks about forest management were caused by California Secretary of State for Natural Resources Wade Crowfoot setting the fire:

Croft: “If we ignore that science and put our head in the sand and think it’s about vegetation management, we won’t succeed together in protecting Californians.”

Trump: “It’s okay. It’s going to get cold. You just keep watching.”

Crowfoot: “I wish science would agree with you.”

Trump: “Oh, I don’t think science really knows.”

See ads from Ben Kamisar

Today’s Ad Watch takes a look at the new round of the Trump campaign, another attempt to rally soft Republicans with a focus on the economy.

The two new spots Biden faced for trade deals, the campaign calls for “putting China first” on American workers, and include a testimonial from a woman who says “Joe Biden is going to change the economy after Kovid Could never handle “and said” President Trump has been the greatest president we’ve ever seen. “

In a press release, the campaign announced that the new ads were part of expanded TV buying as the campaign increased its advertising “by nearly 50 percent”, with these new locations in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin To walk. Arizona, and Pennsylvania in Nebraska and Maine, as well as 2K Congressional Districts.

The increased spending will probably be welcomed by colleagues who have indicated frustration with the campaign’s financials. But recently the gap has grown so much – since Labor Day, Joe Biden’s campaign has spent more than $ 31 million on TV and radio, while advertising analytics, while the Trump campaign has spent $ 9.4 million – That increased spending will likely still keep Trump’s spending. Quite behind Biden’s pace.

Charizard: Stormy Weather

Don’t miss the pod since yesterday, when we saw where public opinion is on climate change.

ICYMI: What else is happening in the world

A bipartisan group is trying to halt negotiations on the halted coronovirus aid bill.

Trump is setting his sights in Minnesota. And he hopes to encroach with Latino as well.

Gavin Newsom gently confronted the president on climate change (even others in his administration spoke in stern tones.) Meanwhile, Biden is calling Trump a “climate arsonist”.

DOJ IG is investigating the recommendation of punishment for Roger Stone.

Not all of Trump’s allies thought his indoor rally in Nevada is a great idea.

Some downball dots are knocking on traditional doors.

A Trump ad that urges Americans to “support our troops” features a stock image of Russian jets.

Where will climate refugees move? The New York Times takes a deep dive.