Trump’s near-concession suggests he loses, ally says

President Donald Trump is coming to grips with his re-election debacle, according to assistants and advisors, even as he continues to publicly discredit the result and make official changes to President-elect Joe Biden’s administration Let’s delay the beginning.

Trump began a tweet on Sunday morning, in which he said “he won,” interpreted by fellow Republicans as a possible concession. “I think this is the beginning of an acknowledgment,” Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, said on “Meet the Press.”

After news organizations published stories that Trump acknowledged defeat for the first time, the president announced with a tweet, “I heard nothing!” But there is increasing pressure on both Biden’s team and from within Trump’s party to begin the formal transition process late due to the president’s refusal.

Personally, people around him say that the president is increasingly aware that he cannot reverse the election results. People asked to be identified for not discussing the matter due to Trump’s public statements.

However, the president has demonstrated the fight. Over the weekend, he hired his confidant Rudy Giuliani to lead his legal battle, who suffered a string of failures last week. The former mayor of New York, whose activities in Ukraine contributed to Trump’s impeachment and who led an infamous effort to corrupt Biden before the election, said in a statement that “my team’s presidential bid to restore legitimacy It is fighting vigorously on behalf and trust in this election and future results. “

He made several allegations about irregularities and fraud in the Michigan and Pennsylvania elections. The affidavits that election lawyers have reviewed have been filed by Trump’s team in a federal lawsuit seeking to prevent Michigan from certifying its election results, saying they do not constitute evidence of fraud and the consequences. There should be no basis for reversing.

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Biden’s incoming chief, Ron Clann, said in “Meet the Press” on Sunday that the time had come for the president to accept the election result and initiate change. The Trump appointee, who heads the General Services Administration, Emily Murphy, has yet to officially recognize Biden as the incoming president, allowing his transition teams access to federal agencies.

“It’s time for the leaders of both parties to get the business to work together to plan a legislative agenda for next year, to get the business of this transition,” Klein said.

Sunday trump Tweeted, “Great job, Emily!” In response to a tweet, she posted about granting federal contracts to the disabled.

Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris have begun an administration-in-waiting, and they will comment on Monday outlining their plans for a post-run economic recovery, their transition team announced on Sunday .

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Republicans outside Trump’s inner-most circle are increasingly showing their dismay with the president’s rejection of their defeat, jeopardizing skepticism and skepticism about the American election system among the more than 73 million Americans who gave him Was voted. The GOP will require those voters to participate enthusiastically in future elections beginning on January 5, when Georgia holds runoff for the two Senate seats that will decide control of the chamber.

President-Elect Joe Biden attends church service on Sunday morning

Joe Biden in Willington, Delaware on 15 November.

Photographer: Joe Rydal / Getty Images

“It is important that we accept the election result,” Hutchinson sarcastically said on Trump’s “constitutional claim” in Pennsylvania and got a hand of ballots in the Georgia presidential election, which Trump also lost.

“Our Department of Homeland Security indicated this week that there is no evidence of massive fraud in the election that would undermine the outcome,” he said. “After the process is complete we have to accept the outcome, come together and recognize that we have found new leadership, and we need to pull together as a nation.”

In the three battlegrounds where he is most seriously contested – Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – Trump overtook Biden by more than 233,000 votes, or in 2016 he defeated Hillary Clinton by a margin of more than three times .

A Republican strategist, Neil Newhouse, said he consistently lost the election and Trump fired his supporters while contesting the results. The president believes Republicans in Georgia will help – or he may consider running himself for the presidency for the third time in 2024.

According to a person close to him, Trump has mentioned the possibility of a 2024 run. But it is suspected that Republican donors will return him financially again, the person said.

“He potentially has one eye on a path in 2024, another on keeping his base and also looks at the Georgia Senate race,” Newhouse said.

Republican strategist Terry Sullivan, who served for Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential term, said he is not sure whether Trump’s goal is to pursue his future political aspirations.

“I think it’s 100% a branding practice for Donald Trump,” Sullivan said. “He doesn’t care about Georgia. He doesn’t care about 2024.”

Former President Barack Obama in an interview with “60 Minutes” on Sunday encouraged Trump to win. He said, “My advice to President Trump is, if you want this final phase of the game to be remembered as someone who puts the country first, then it’s time for you to do the same thing.”

Trump’s tweet on Sunday first acknowledged Biden’s victory and then denied it led to overnight clashes between his supporters and counter-protesters in Washington, D.C., after which Trump’s thousands of fans in the city received a so-called “million maga” March “held.

According to a person familiar with his thinking, the president did not intend to give the impression that he was winning in his tweet. The White House did not immediately respond to a message left for comment on whether the tweet indicated that another formal concession was in an abusive situation.


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