Trump's most recent travel ban goes before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

A federal appeals court is hearing arguments on Wednesday afternoon about President Trump's third attempt to implement a travel ban on foreign nationals from six Muslim-majority countries.

The case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals comes from a federal court in Hawaii, where Judge Derrick K. Watson ruled against all three versions of Trump's travel ban and tried to block the implementation of the ban . The Supreme Court on Monday lifted Watson's blockade of Trump's ban, allowing it to be fully enforced.

Watson ruled in October that the Trump administration's new effort to enact a travel ban violated federal immigration law and "suffers precisely the same evils as its predecessor."

Trump's third ban added Chad, North Korea and Venezuela to the list of countries affected by the travel ban, but the federal judge of Hawaii did not include travel from North Korea or Venezuela in his decision. Watson only sought to address travel from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen in his order.

Following Wednesday's arguments on the travel ban, another federal appeals court will hear arguments on the ban on Friday. The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments about a Maryland judge's blockade of the travel ban. The Supreme Court also lifted the Maryland judge's blockade of Trump's ban.

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