Trump’s main obstacle is a Republican in the flipping Georgia vote –

Trump’s main obstacle is a Republican in the flipping Georgia vote

Brad Raffensper during a news conference in Atlanta on Wednesday.  Raffensparger became the state's top election official in 2019, replacing his more controversial predecessor, Brian Kemp, who is now governor.

Photographer: Brian Anderson / AP

By most measures, Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensper, should have taken a bow this week. Voted in a record number one epidemic. After the initial hiccup the lines were measured in minutes, not hours in a chaotic primary.

Instead, Rafensparger has called off the attacks of his own party, in which he intends to resign, with examples such as President Donald Trump’s campaign to resign. On Wednesday, Raffenspar announced an unusual handout of over 5 million votes – and then reported CNN audit would confirm Democrat Biden’s victory.

Georgia requires the Secretary of State to certify the result by November 20 to complete the result before state law.

The tight timeline, which Raffenspar called a challenge, raised questions about what would happen if the count was not finished on time. A state judge may withdraw the deadline, but it is unclear whether Trump’s hand will be strong or weak in challenging the Georgia vote.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Raffensper, 65, asked questions about the Trump campaign, requesting him to count the hand a day earlier, as well as two state senators calling for his resignation on Monday, fellow Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. He said the tight margin, with Trump by 14,111 votes, justified the extra effort.

“This race has national importance, national importance”, said Raffenspar, who has consistently stated that he has found no credible evidence of widespread fraud. “We get that.”

Peach State Crucible

The fight – and Trump’s push to accept his losses in Georgia – occurs less than two months before the runoff elections for Loeffler and Purdue who will decide control US Senate.

A man in the center of the field is an engineer, chief executive officer of a Georgia contracting firm and a former member of the Georgia House of Representatives. Raffensparger became the state’s top election official in 2019, replacing his more controversial predecessor, Brian Kemp, who is now governor. Democrats accused Kemp of taking voters off the rolls and closing polling places to ensure a favorable electorate for his party.

Although Raffensparger has drawn complaints – about the cancellation of voting lists, his choice of new voting equipment, and the disastrous June primary – his term has been more peaceful and less openly partisan than Kemp’s.

In March, for example, he held talks with Democratic leaders about how to approach the primary, angered other Republican leaders. And he sent absentee voting applications to all active voters, even Trump trailing mail voting as fraud.

He also provoked critics in his own party: In response to Republicans’ displeasure at his mail-ballot initiative, Raffenspar announced a voter fraud task force consisting of prosecutors and police.

He delayed the presidency twice and eventually messed up. The lack of election workers and technical expertise as well as the new voting machinery at the preceding level all contributed to the hour-long lines.

Leaping barriers

Attempts to avoid a repeat began immediately.

The result was not perfect. In the first two days of the general election voting, a database of voter registrations was overwhelmed, causing repeated crashes and again hour-long lines. But the problem was fixed, and the lines quickly shrunk. Average wait time on election day: three minutes.

Trump then lost Georgia and his 16 electoral votes and announced that he had actually won there. They were illegal voters.

Most of the party’s top office holders have now made statements condemning the alleged voters. Evidence by social media rumors and the Trump campaign was an important one. Raffensiper held twice-daily news conferences to update and defend Tally’s integrity.

His staff reliably fanned rumors, including that voting machines were blamed for Trump’s loss, or that the ballots were thrown into a dumper in rural Georgia. Then there was one about a supercomputer named Hammer and a software program that replaced the scorecard – a “flat-out hoax”, said Gabriel Stirling, a top election official in Raffensper’s office.

the war Within

Raffenspar became a target. On Monday, Loeffler and Perdue reprimanded their fellow Republicans and made a statement asking them to step down.

“Managing Georgia elections has become an embarrassment for our state,” it began. “We believe that when failures occur, they should be called out – even when it’s in your own party.”

Raffensper replied that he is not resigning and that felt it His suffering.


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