Trump’s investigation claims Hunter Biden received $ 3.5 million from Moscow ex-mayor’s wife

President Donald Trump, who himself faces questions about his relations with Russia, hinted at some sort of vandalism involving the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“Hunter Biden received three-and-a-half million dollars from wife of Moscow’s mayor, Trump told Sept 27 in a press conference.” Why did they get three and a half million dollars? ”

Any details or evidence about that alleged transaction lie with anonymous documents cited in a report issued by the Republican majority on the Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees. That report stated that Biden and his business partner Devon Archer had financial ties with Elena Beturina, the widow of a man who had been mayor of Moscow until 2010.

The report states that on February 14, 2014, Baturina spent $ 3.5 million for a ‘consultancy agreement’ in Rosamont Seneca Thornton’s bank account. “Rosemont Seneca Thornton is an investment firm founded by Hunter Biden.”

The report also stated that Rosemont Seneca Thorton worked as a pass-through to Baturina’s investment in a Chinese-based technology start-up in Buffalo, NY.

We reached out for the Trump campaign and he said that the Republican Committee report was the source of the $ 3.5 million figure.

The report does not detail much about the significance of any of these transactions, although it notes that Baturina benefited from the allegedly corrupt practices of her husband.

Hunter Biden’s attorney George Messiers said Biden did not receive $ 3.5 million and the report contained a significant error.

“Hunter Biden was not interested and Rosemont was not a co-founder of Seneca Thornton, so he claims to have been paid $ 3.5 million,” Messrs said in an email.

We asked Messere if he could share the document to show that Hunter Biden was not a co-founder, and did not respond.

We asked Republican Senate staffers if they could provide evidence that Biden had a stake in Rosemont Seneca Thornton and declined to respond.

The Senate report cited the Financial Times story on October 9, 2019, stating that Hunter Biden was a co-founder, but reporters did not reveal in the story how he confirmed that – no source Is not quoted. An email query to a Washington-based reporter on the story went unanswered.

Regardless, the Republican report does not fully support Trump’s claim, as it never shows that Biden received $ 3.5 million.

Hunter Biden co-founded a firm called Rosemont Seneca in 2009, but a partnership with Thornton – even if it uses the name Rosemont Seneca – can exist with other partners in Rosemate Seneca without a stake. A business partner could build this unit on his own. Without the ownership documents of Rosemont Seneca Thornton – which are not public – we simply cannot know.

As part of the committee’s investigation, Republicans on Senate committees asked the Treasury Department to report suspicious activity. These come from banks and other financial institutions and often involve large sums of money and foreign transactions.

Democratic staffers on the Finance and Homeland Security committees said the Republican paper trail does not lead back to Biden.

“Democratic staff has reviewed all known information on file with the committees, however, including a confidential document (in the report) cited by Republicans, and no information in the possession of the committees, showing Hunter Biden. The unit or transaction. , “He said in a statement.

We asked Republican staffers if Hunter Biden’s name was taken in any suspicious activity report. He did not respond.

If we find clear evidence in the future, we will revisit this, but at this time, there is evidence that Hunter Biden has received money through this transaction.

Researcher Caryn Baird of PolitiFact contributed to this report.

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