Trump’s Halloween party, in 5 silly and spooky GIFs


President Trump and first lady Melania Trump took part in a time-honored presidential tradition Monday: handing out candy to trick-or-treaters at the White House Halloween party.

The Trumps didn’t dress up; the president wore his usual red tie and Melania Trump wore a smart tan coat. They did get into the Halloween spirit though, which led to some slightly comical and definitely gif-worthy moments.

The first lady acted surprised when approached by a trick-or-treater in a full-body T-rex costume. The president looked a bit frightened.

But he didn’t seem to have an issue with these smaller dinosaurs.

The president appeared somewhat confused when a young girl asked him for candy.

She held up her candy bag, but he shook her hand instead.

A similar mix-up occurred with another trick-or-treater looking for candy.

And Trump really took a liking to this trick-or-treater dressed in a skeleton costume, complete with a “Make America Great Again” hat.

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