Trump’s fascist strife is a political stunt – Democrats should attack him again

For the past week or so, many people in the media and politics, including those of us in the saloon, have been accusing Donald Trump of sending federal police in Portland, Oregon – and now a little further north in Seattle – to almost the whole To provoke violence in the way he thinks will help him win re-election. Not that such speculation was a big reach, of course. It was clearly evident that politics, with no real concern about “law and order”, was driving Trump’s decision.

For one thing, while protests against police brutality have been going on in those cities since the assassination of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May, they were largely airing – until Trump’s goons showed up and People started snatching for no reason, beating protesters and shedding tears and a peaceful crowd. For one other thing, local and state politicians in Oregon have pleaded with Trump and his ministers – particularly Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf – to drive out the federal police, who look set to look like an invading army Huh. The Attorney General of Oregon has filed a lawsuit against the federal government over this abuse of power, although a federal judge denied his request for a restraining order. Third, if Trump really gives a shit about protecting Americans, he will focus on fighting coronoviruses, not a group of youth setting up fireworks and spray-painting buildings.

But now White House allies have rightly come out and acknowledged that Trump is waging war on American cities and terrorizing peaceful protesters because he thinks it will look terrible in his campaign ads.

In an article published on Friday, the Washington Post reported that “Trump’s campaign officials say the president wants to enhance his law and order message” and not to cause Portland any real danger to anyone’s safety in the city Was chosen, but rather because Trump and his allies felt it was the best “theater” for their fight.

Trump has shown more interest in this campaign stunt – one that involves tear-gassing, beating and terrorists for purposes of campaign advertising – as if he has ever been in a fight against coronoviruses. Trump wakes up early in the morning, the Post reported, eager to call Wolf “for real-time updates from the front.”

Trump’s behavior is not merely gross and tragic. It is also an abuse of power and an abuse of taxpayers’ funds, which are being openly deployed for the purpose of creating campaign materials. The fact that he is using the corpses of innocent people as recourse in his brutal campaign theater makes the whole situation worse.

Under the circumstances, Democrats need to attack Trump, as it is said, to be worn. Yes again.

Over the weekend, the editor of the Washington Post editorial page, Fred Hyatt, published an op-ed detailing several ineligible crimes since Trump formally impeached by the House of Representatives last December. (He was acquitted in the Senate despite being clearly guilty of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, as 52 of 53 Republicans in the chamber – the exception being Utah’s Sen. Mitt Romney – refused to indict him.)

With Trump’s “misuse of law-enforcement powers” “recently, the reckless deployment of federal forces in American cities for political purposes” is an impossible crime, Hyatt argues. He points out that the crime is also an abuse of the law enforcement powers of previous weeks, such as Trump’s dismissal of Justice Department officials for investigating his rampant corruption and abusing his presidential powers off the hook. Let him go.

Hyatt says he is not “suggesting that the House should reach the president again” so close to the election, when it should be “left to the voters to decide.”

This seems reasonable at first, but Hyatt ignores an important factor: Trump’s misuse of law enforcement powers has endangered the wellbeing and even the lives of Americans, while illegally owning the First Amendment Trying to abolish rights. Until someone stops him, Trump will continue to pursue these strategies – and there is a real possibility of people being killed by these federal goons. (Trump’s instigation has already led to an unintentional death when a motorist shot a defender in Austin, Texas.) The only way Congress could impeach Trump is for Trump’s citizenship. Prevent unjust violence against those he was elected to serve.

Back in December, Trump dyed Trump in an attempt to cheat in the 2020 elections by using the powers of his office to blackmail the Ukraine president to help in a smear campaign against Trump’s Democratic rival, former Vice President Joe Biden Was caught hands. These attacks on Portland and Seattle are similar: Trump is abusing his powers to create a false campaign narrative about “violent anarchists” that he hopes can be distracted by his immense failures as president is.

Pandemocracy may see Trump’s impeachment in 2019 as a failure, as the Senate, run by corrupt Republicans, failed to convict him.

In truth, impeachment had at least one important objective: it set off Trump’s unlawful scheme, to blackmail Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zalensky on its tracks.

Remember, Zelensky was about to give Trump threats and promised a foreign exchange “investigation” already authorized by Congress for military aid, but Trump was withholding. A CNN interview was scheduled for September, with Zelenski intending to do Trump’s bid and smear Biden. But when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an official impeachment inquiry, Zelensky’s interview was canceled, drawing attention to Trump’s criminal behavior.

While it is not certain that Trump will pull back his federal police in the face of another impeachment investigation, past experience suggests that he may be forced to expose his corrupt plans to the level at which impeachment is done. Brings the investigation. Given that people’s health and life is on the line, it is worth trying. Congress has a duty to protect Americans from violent presidents who are waging war on them for political gain.

It is undoubtedly tempting to debate the politics of this. One side would argue that the impeachment hearing exposes Trump’s abuse of power – which could present witnesses as victims of local politicians and federal police tactics – would help the public focus on Trump’s corruption. The other side would argue that it is a distraction from the ongoing issues of the epidemic and the collapsing economy, and if the public itself decides to impeach politically, it may back off. Pelosi, no doubt, would not be eager to spend time on another impeachment process as Democrats in Congress are trying to save the country from economic catastrophe due to Republican incursions.

But what was true last December is still true: after all, there is no way of knowing how the impeachment hearing will take place politically.

However, what is known is the morality of the situation. What Trump is doing is illegal and immoral. It is up to those who truly care about the safety of Americans, to do whatever they can to stop their cynical campaign of violence against citizens who are exercising their free speech rights. Oregon is already fighting this battle in the courts. Congress should only serve to abuse Trump to state officials working to rein in Trump’s abuses: impeachment.

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