Trump’s advisor Kushner defends plans to cut drug prices

President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner told CNBC on Tuesday that he supports the president’s plan to cut drug prices, arguing that the US should not pay more than other European countries for equal treatment .

Two days after the president’s son-in-law’s remarks, Trump announced that he had signed an executive order to lower drug prices.

The president said that his “Most Favored Nation Order” on Sunday would guarantee that the US gives the pharmaceutical industry lower prices to other countries.

Kushner said the order is designed to force drug makers worldwide to justify their pricing policies.

“Right now, there is an uncompensated burden being shared by America,” Kushner said “squawk box.” “If you’re the biggest customer from someone, then you should get the best price, not the worst price.”

He said, “We are not saying to give us the same price as Africa, but we are saying to give us the same price as other developed countries like the UK and Germany.” “We should pay substantially more for our medicines because they are paying?”

Trump has attacked Big Pharma for his entire presidency in what he sees as predatory pricing policies. The president is particularly troubled by the disparity between the prices paid by Americans and those paid by citizens of other developed countries in Europe.

“Drug companies, who are forcing me to reduce drug prices significantly, are taking $ millions in advertisements, saying I want to increase the Medicare premium. Wrong, just the opposite! These ads show That the prices of drugs are going up, and they are not happy. False advertising! ” He tweeted on 13 August.

Trump signed several executive orders in July aimed at reforming the pharmaceutical industry.

One such order would allow states, pharmacies and wholesalers to import drugs from Canada where they usually cost less than in the US. In most circumstances, according to the Food and Drug Administration, it is illegal to import medicines from other countries for personal use.


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