Trump will support the protections of DACA to obtain more funds from the wall

WASHINGTON. President Trump plans on Saturday to support protections against the deportation of some undocumented immigrants in the United States in exchange for $ 5.7 billion to build the southern border wall, White House officials familiar with the decision said.

Mr. Trump is scheduled to make his announcement at 4 p.m. The advisers warned that the announcement has already been delayed once an hour and that the president can still change his approach.

The offer to codify protections for immigrant youth brought to the United States as children, known as Dreamers, is considered an important concession within the White House.

The offer is designed to advance the negotiations with a view to ending the impbade in which the partial closure of the government occurred, with both parties excavated on the wall. Mr. Trump says it is necessary to extend existing border barriers to curb illegal immigration and Democrats say it is an inefficient and costly measure.

The new position in the White House was negotiated by the chief adviser and the son-in-law of President Jared Kushner and Vice President Mike Pence, the advisers said.

Mr. Kushner had been working with the Democrats for weeks as a potential way to end the impbade while Mr. Pence has been negotiating with the Republicans.

Democrats were not consulted on the White House proposal, according to Democratic advisers, and have rejected similar proposals in the past. Democrats have advocated a path to permanent citizenship for dreamers, while the DACA program provides temporary protections.

President Trump in his primetime speech on January 8 said that a wall along the southern border is not immoral. "I swore to protect our country," he said. Photo: Reuters

A senior badistant of the Democratic House said that the proposal of the White House would not happen to the House.

The proposal is expected to reflect many of the provisions already in the legislation, known as the Bridge Act, which would offer three-year protections and work permits to people registered or eligible for the program.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, was created by President Obama in 2012, who said he was intervening because Congress did not act on behalf of those affected.

The program has protected hundreds of thousands of immigrants from deportation and granted them work permits. Republicans criticized the program for the use of executive authority by Obama. Some support the goal of the action, while others say the protections are unjustified since the proteges are in the United States illegally, even if they arrived as children of immigrants. Axios previously reported the details of the proposed commitment.

Mr. Trump announced a closure of DACA in September 2017, which prompted a legal fight that continues. He has spoken of solving the problem in favor of undocumented immigrants, but he refused to consider it as part of an agreement to end the closure due to the litigation. "If the Supreme Court overturns that incorrect executive order, we will have a very quick deal on DACA and other things, and the Democrats want that, and so do we," Trump said at a news conference on January 4.

The president offered legal protections, including citizenship, to immigrant youth as part of the immigration negotiations last year. This new offer must appeal to both sides of the aisle, said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) in an interview.

"This is a great opportunity to end this debacle," said Mr. Graham.

Democrats have long called for a path to citizenship for those affected, a position they are expected to maintain in Mr. Trump's offer.

-Alex Leary and Andrew Duehren contributed to this article.

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