Trump was talking to Bob Woodward about the habitat, until he was

For weeks the publication of Bob Woodward’s latest book, West Wing aides were discussing how damaging some of President Donald Trump’s quotes would be. Over the past few weeks, two senior officials of the Trump administration told The Daily Beast that they were quietly gambling how to fight or knock down what they had heard was going to appear in the published work, and what other big tidbits would be there. Too.

“It has been known for a while that this was going to be something … something needed to be dealt with,” said an official. “It was estimated that it would probably be worse than the other [earlier] Wooden book. ”

The sense of impending awe stood in sharp contrast to how the president initially felt about Woodward Anger, Which concerns Trump dealing with a range of high-stakes national security issues in addition to the coronovirus epidemic. President Trump was “delighted” about the prospect of sitting for an interview with Woodward, according to a White House official, and recalled some of his conversations with Famous Washington Post Journalist.

Trump eventually spoke with Woodward 18 times for the book. And at some point on the way, his heart changes, he is convinced that Woodward is using him. Trump then started furiously tweeting the very reporters with whom he was so distraught to go on the record.

“The Bob Woodward book will be a FAKE, as always, as many others have done,” the president tweeted, seemingly out of the blue last month. Later that month, Trump called back to blast the veteran reporter as a “social pretender” who “never said anything good.”