Trump was informed that China has sought to pay non-state actors to attack the US military in Afghanistan

The official said the intelligence, which would be disallowed by the Trump administration, was provided to the president on 17 December. His national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, discussed the information with the president on the same day, the official said.

The information on this alleged intelligence is not yet known. The scenario is reminiscent of reports earlier this year that Russia allegedly offered a reward to Afghan militants for killing the US military in Afghanistan. This information also appeared in the President’s intelligence briefing, although it was later revealed that the information was unlikely for weeks.

Trump has yet to publicly call out Russia on the issue.

While it is unclear whether President-Elect Joe Biden has seen intelligence, he will have access to the same intelligence since receiving the President’s Daily Brief.

The White House and the Biden transition team did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

CNN reported in June that Russian intelligence officials had recently offered money to Taliban militants in Afghanistan as a reward for military intelligence agency GRU if they, according to an American intelligence official, gave US or UK troops Killed. The official told CNN that the encouragement given by the Russians increased the number of coalition casualties in their assessment, which would be the death or injuries of service members. The officer did not specify the casualties, their number or nationality, or whether they were fatal or injured.
A US official aware of the case confirmed to CNN at the time that the money transfer intelligence had been transferred, but it is unclear how the intelligence under consideration was verified or that this Russian entity Who was the representative of – the top leader or commander of the field units located near the coalition forces.
US intelligence concluded months ago that Russian military intelligence offered bounties amid peace talks, and Trump was briefed on intelligence findings and the White House National Security Council quoted the New York Times in late March about it Held a meeting in Officials gave information about the case.
After the news broke in June, Trump refused to receive information about intelligence. He tweeted that his “not many attacks” on US troops by Taliban fighters have been touted as evidence that the alleged intelligence could be a “call” – a step ahead of an earlier White House statement in which Press Secretary Kayle McKenney Were not denying the report’s legitimacy, but instead Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were “not informed of the alleged Russian prize intelligence.”
There was discussion in the US intelligence community until February and March and between top military commanders about the Russian operation to assess intelligence and what was actually happening, a US official told CNN in June. The source said that some efforts were made to protect the US military.

The news of China being offered cash for an attack on US forces comes as China awaits whether Biden will adopt Trump’s more punitive policies towards the nation or step up to re-establish relations between Washington and Beijing.

Diplomacy during the Obama-Biden administration was guided for the most part by confrontational efforts rather than cooperation with China. But there is evidence that Biden’s views have changed in recent years to suit the changing mood in Washington, where Beijing is increasingly seen not as a potential US partner, but as its primary rival.

Biden’s campaign website slashes technology companies “facilitating repression in China”, and promises foreign policy “pressure on China – the world’s largest emitter of carbon – to subsidize coal exports and their pollution.” Outsourcing to other countries. “

“To win this future contest against China or anyone else, we must sharpen our innovative edge and unify the economic strength of democracies around the world to counter abusive economic practices,” it states.

A Biden campaign ad in June accused Trump of being “played” by China. And during the Democratic primaries in February, Biden referred to Chinese President Xi Jinping as a “thug” and said Beijing would have to “play by the rules”.

This story has been updated with additional background information.

The report contributed to CNN’s Ben Westcott, Paul LeBlanc, Nick Patan Walsh, Veronica Straqualurci, Redina Gigawa, Barbara Starr, Devan Cole and Sarah Westwood.


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