Trump uses the Rose Garden as a substitute rally venue in an attack against Biden

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump on Tuesday used a White House event in China to tease his Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden, as a dieting rally to set up the Rose Garden. Changed into the venue, which entices his supporters.

US President Donald Trump attends a press conference on July 14, 2020 at the Rose Garden in the White House, Washington, USA. REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst

The Republican president, who implicates Biden in the National Opinion Poll, expressed his inability to hold large political gatherings due to the coronovirus epidemic.

His campaign postponed an outdoor rally to be held last Saturday in New Hampshire citing a tropical storm off the East Coast. A partially empty area appeared at an indoor rally held in Tulsa, Olsa last month.

So one day when Biden unveiled the $ 2 trillion climate plan during a speech in Delaware, Trump took to the podium outside the Oval Office and, after announcing Hong Kong’s moves to punish China for its treatment, Criticized the former Vice President and sought to differentiate between his two candidates.

“Today, Joe Biden gave a speech in which he stated that his economic agenda is a hard-left crusade against Native American energy. He wants to kill American energy, ”Trump said.

Biden’s plan, which would seek to reduce carbon emissions from electricity generation in 15 years, indicated a more aggressive stance on climate policy, a nod to the party’s progress adopted during the democratic presidential race, Those who were demanding folder action.

“When Donald Trump thinks about climate change, the only word he can muster is hoax,” Biden said. “When I think of climate change, I think the term is ‘job’. Good-paying union jobs that employ Americans.”

Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement to fight climate change. Biden plans to bring the country back if he is elected in November.

“Yet another gift from Biden to the Chinese Communist Party,” Trump said. He sees the agreement as favorable to Beijing.

Dueling events between the incumbent president and the man who hopes to change him may represent a prelude to how his campaigns do events during the time of the coronovirus, scheduling more speeches with reporters present but There is no big crowd.

Trump answered several questions in his nearly one-hour program. The president made minimal reference to coronovirus despite the increasing number of cases across the country.

Biden, who spoke for some time, raised no questions.

‘Long campney ride’

Trump portrayed Biden as President Barack Obama’s No. 2 and ineffective in the US Senate as a host of various policy areas during decades.

He knocked out Biden’s stand on the US military, immigration, welfare and China.

Using a strategy that his campaign sought employment before it was consumed in the country and its economic collapse greatly upset the country, Biden was close to the policies advocated by his former rival to nominate Emphasized socialism by drawing.

“Last week, Joe Biden developed his Unity platform with socialist Bernie Sanders,” Trump said. “The Biden-Sanders agenda is by far the most extreme platform of any major party candidate in American history.”

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Biden needs to appeal to Sanders’ left-leaning supporters, who identify as a democratic socialist.

The Democratic National Committee called Trump’s event a rally.

He said, “Trump changed what he was supposed to deliver to the Gulab Bagh speech at an accountable, fruitless and long-running publicity rally to China. We hope only the American people were watching.”

Reporting by Jeff Mason; Additional reporting by Eric Beach, Mohammed Zargam and Steve Holland; Editing by Peter Connie

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