Trump uses Border Patrol agents as support during the Fox News interview


President Donald Trump, with agents of Customs and Border Protection of the USA. UU Who surrounded him during a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity with almost no substances, made the federal employees, who worked without pay because of the closure, look a bit like accessories.

The irony, of course, is that Democrats have been accused of politicizing federal employees, hundreds of thousands of whom will lose their paychecks on Friday.

With agents around him, Trump's points were openly political; attacking the Democrats for denying their demand of $ 5.7 billion for a border wall that promised that Mexico would pay.

"It's not a money thing, it's a political issue," Trump told the Hannity of Democrats insistence that the government reopen before the money is negotiated at the border. "They look at the 2020 race and they do not feel very good about it, they will do what they can to win."

Trump's interview with Hannity was not the first time he used CBP agents as props this month, he pulled out a similar trick during an appearance in the White House meeting room on January 3. Hours before the Hannity interview was broadcast, Trump posted a video in which he was, surrounded again by CBP agents, and made a case for his border fence.

While Trump praised the CBP agents during the interview, he seemed less concerned about the hundreds of thousands of federal employees who are now missing paychecks due to closure. Towards the end of the interview, Hannity had to work hard to remind the president that "I know you're thinking about employees without permission."

Trump responded saying: "100 percent support them enormously, but I also support families … who have lost someone because our [immigration] The policies are so bad. "

It is worth noting that immigrants, the data show, commit crimes at lower rates than native citizens, an inconvenient fact that Trump has avoided by defending the wall, rather than choosing to sensationalize the issue by focusing on specific violent crimes.

Trump deviated from the script in an interview that was supposed to help him defend his case.

At the beginning of the interview, Trump seemed to be articulating his case to the wall. He cited the "tremendous amount of drugs" that the PBC agents took as a reason for the need for a wall, a point similar to the one he made Tuesday night during his televised speech. (In fact, most of the drugs that are smuggled into the country come through the ports of entry, and a wall would do nothing to stop that).

But then Trump's arguments for the wall became a strange territory:

Do you know what works? A tire. And a wall. They call it a medieval thing. Well, you know, I'm seeing all these very expensive cars here loaded with machine guns, and each of them has wheels. A wheel is an old thing and a wall is an old thing. These are two things that work. A wall would be so effective. It would solve so many murders and so much death and drugs and human trafficking.

President BestBrain defended The Wall: "I'm seeing all these expensive cars around here loaded with machine guns and each of them has wheels"

– Andrew Lawrence (@ndrew_lawrence) January 11, 2019

In a 90-second stretch, Trump made false claims about how some "new" Democrats say "we can not win this battle with Trump," reiterating his promise to declare a national emergency if he can not secure funding for the wall from the promise – a political threat that undermined his case that there was a real emergency on the border – and offered a disturbing graphic description of kidnapping and human trafficking similar to the one he did before the day before Fox News abandoned live coverage of his table round Event on the border.

In a single clip, Trump:

1. Lies about the "new" Dems who say "we can not win this battle with Trump"
2. Threatening to declare a national emergency if you can not reach an agreement with Congress
3. It says: "Do you know what works? A wheel and a wall"
3. It offers a disturbing graphic description of a kidnapping.

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) January 11, 2019

And Trump could not resist adding that "true collusion" has nothing to do with his campaign and Russia, but is made up of the mainstream media and the Democrats who use the same point of conversation, a topic of conversation that It is true. outside – about Trump trying to "manufacture" a crisis on the southern border.

"I call it the fake news," Trump said, before congratulating Hannity, who made no effort to verify the facts or reject any of Trump's false claims throughout the interview. "It's not false news, really, you're real news."

The Fox News feedback loop was in full screen

Shortly after the interview ended, Trump, who promoted the Hannity program on his Twitter account before it was aired, posted a meaningless tweet about the situation on the border that He got up almost word by word of something Hannity said To him during the interview. (At tweet, intentionally or not, it seems that the words "heroin" are missing).


Result Hannity actually picked up the quote from a speech made by Trump – which means that Trump was quoting Hannity quoting him.

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