Trump used Fox News interview to accuse Biden of taking drugs

Fox News will broadcast an interview on Saturday night in which Donald Trump accused Joe Biden of performance-enhancing drugs.

“I think that possibly – possibly – drugs are involved,” Trump told Jeanine Piro in an ongoing excerpt. “That’s what I hear.” I mean, possibly drugs. I don’t know how you can avoid being so bad where you can’t even make out a sentence … ”

Trump did not complete his sentence, but he said he was referring to the Democratic presidential candidate’s unflinching performance in early primary debates before he could move on to victory in South Carolina.

“You saw some debate with a large number of people on the stage,” Trump said. “He was, I mean, I used to say, ‘How is it possible that he can move forward?”

According to the president, Biden won the nomination because the progressive vote was split.

“And he won only because Elizabeth Warren didn’t drop out,” he said. “He drove Bernie out [Sanders] Super Tuesday, every state would have won, and you would have got Bernie instead of Biden. ”

Trump’s claim came not long after his oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., claimed that he used cocaine before speaking at the Republican convention. Remarkably, this was not the first time that 74-year-old Trump accused 77-year-old Biden of taking drugs.

Speaking to the Washington Examiner last month, the president said: “We’re calling for a drug test, by the way, because his best performance was against Bernie [in the final debate].

“It wasn’t that he was Winston Churchill because he wasn’t, but it was a normal, boring debate. You know, nothing amazing happened. And we’re going to call for a drug test because there’s no way out. – you can not do it. ”

This week, Trump claimed to channel Churchill when he chose not to tell the public what he knew about the danger of coronovirus. The claim met with ridicule.

Asked by the Examiner if he was comparing the debate to a boxing match, before the fighters were tested for banned substances, Trump said: “Well, this is an award.

“This is no different from gladiators except that we have to use our brains and our mouths. And our bodies stand. I want everyone to stand. They want to sit.”

In October 2016, Trump attacked Hillary Clinton during a debate in St. Louis, after which she knocked her opponent off the stage. She challenged Clinton to take a drugs test before her final debate because, she said, she was “pumped up” before coming to confront him. He denied.

Trump and Biden are due to debate in Cleveland on September 29, in Miami on October 15, and in Nashville on October 22. Vice Presidential candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris will meet in Salt Lake City on October 7.

Biden did not immediately respond to Trump’s remarks to Fid News.

Trump is famously tettle and disapproving of drug use, but his political ascendancy is filled with a well-documented love for diet coke and junk food.

Based on speculation about his physical and cognitive health, the president was moved earlier this month to refute rumors that “a series of ministrokes” sent a short notice to the hospital in Washington last November Inspired trip.