Trump urges Congress to pass ‘big and focused’ coronovirus relief bill

  • Trump, in a tweet on Saturday, pressured Congress to pass another stimulus bill.
  • “Congress should now enact a Kovid Relief Bill. Democrats need support,” he said Wrote on Twitter. “Make it big and focused. Get it done!”
  • His comments were unlikely to break the deadlock on Capitol Hill between Democrats and Republicans, who disagreed over the cost of another stimulus package.
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President Donald Trump, in his first provocative remarks on Saturday, called on Congress to pass the Coronovirus Relief Bill after losing the election to Joe Biden.

“Congress should now enact a Kovid Relief Bill,” he wrote on Twitter. “Democrats need support. Make it big and focused. Get it done.”

Trump’s remarks are the first time on the subject since Biden won the presidential election. Prior to 3 November, the President called for another consecutive stimulus package. At various times, Trump suggested that he could support a larger plan than the $ 2.4 trillion that Democrats wanted.

The White House was negotiating with Democrats on a relief plan, but negotiations broke down during the election. He did not restart, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is taking an edge among Republicans on another stimulus bill while the White House takes a backseat.

The path of the fifth government rescue package has been full of obstacles in the last few months. Trump’s comments were unlikely to break the deadlock on Capitol Hill, even reaching new heights in recent days with daily coronovirus cases and hospitalizations. Both parties are insisting on advancing priorities, especially at the cost of another relief plan.

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The GOP is pushing for a similar small relief package of $ 500 billion, which they unveiled in September and October. Democrats stopped it both times. This included small business assistance and public health funds, but it left incentive checks and funds for cities.

McConnell has argued in recent weeks that the reforming economy does not require significant levels of aid, citing the falling unemployment rate and rising budget deficit. “I don’t think the current situation calls for a multitrillion-dollar package,” the Kentucky Republican said Tuesday.

It appears that another relief package will not be passed until after Biden takes over in January, and Americans may wait several months for the arrival of more federal aid. President-elect is in contact with Democratic Congress leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on the matter.

Democrats have called for a major aid plan that includes new federal unemployment benefits, a second round of $ 1,200 incentive checks, aid to state and local governments, as well as health funding, among other initiatives.

“One of the essentials, people need relief right now – small businesses, people who are about to be evicted from their homes because they can’t afford to pay their mortgages, unemployment insurance,” said Biden. Press conference.

Many economists and Federal Reserve officials are urging Congress to pass a new relief bill as the recovery shows signs of slowing. With spiking virus cases, some states are again enforcing sanctions and ordering the closure of the trade to curb the rapid spread of pathogens, which may hamper unstable recovery.

“The main risk we see is clearly more prevalence of the disease in the United States,” Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Thursday. “We’ve found new cases at a record level, we’ve seen many states start opposing limited activity restrictions again, and people may lose confidence that it’s safe to go out.”

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Democrats are raising their hopes of winning two runoff races in Georgia at the beginning of January, leaving a tie-breaking vote to Vice President Kamala Harris, to gain a Senate majority. Under that scenario, they can use the reconciliation process to pass a large coronovirus relief bill by a simple majority.

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