Trump urges Congress to “go big or go home” on coronovirus incentive bill

Washington – President Trump again urges lawmakers to pass a major coronovirus relief bill Tweet On Tuesday that Congress should “grow up or go home.” The president has received pushback from Republicans opposing a larger package, and Democrats argue that a White House resolution does not go too far.

“STIMULUS! Go big or go home !!!” Mr. Trump wrote, a letter was sent by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to colleagues in the White House accusing them of being ignorant in their talks.

Pelosi noted that the president had spoken abruptly Close conversation Last week between the White House and Congressional Democrats, he then said he only wanted Congress to pass a limited standalone bill. Days later, the president began advocating for a larger stimulus package.

Pelosi said, “Secretary Mnuchin came back to the negotiating table, and this weekend, the administration issued a resolution, which was one step forward, two steps back. In fact, in some cases, it made matters worse. makes.” “A fly on the wall or somewhere else it can land in the Oval Office tells me that the president only wants his name on the check before Election Day and to go to the market.”

Pelosi said the president’s “attitude is embarrassing,” and added that “Trump’s proposal falls far short of the demand for this epidemic and deep recession.” Democratic House committee chairmen issued statements over the weekend that the White House offering is not sufficient in relation to state and local funding, funding for early childhood education, aid and assistance for small businesses.

In a controversial interview with CNN later on Tuesday, Pelosi accused anchor Wolf Blitzer of making an “apology” for Republicans, as they asked him why he had not acted on a deal with the White House.

“They don’t share our values, there is little respect that we know anything about these subjects,” Pelosi said. He sent a tweet from Congressman Ro Khanna urging Pelosi and the White House to come to the table. Blitzer said former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang also said that he believed Pelosi and the White House should reach an agreement.

Pelosi said, “Honest to God, I can’t really get down to this. Because Andrew Yang, he’s cute. Ro Khanna, he’s cute. They’re not negotiating the situation.”

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Friday that Mr. Trump had “approved” a “revised” coronavirus virus relief package, though he did not offer specifics.

House passed $ 2.4 trillion relief measure Last month, but the Senate refused to consider it.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday that he would vote for the GOP Relief Bill later this month. Senate Republicans proposed a $ 500 billion bill in September, but it was Blocked by Democrats, Who argued that the bill did not go very far.

“When the full Senate returns on October 19, our first order will be to vote on targeted relief for American workers,” McConnell said in a statement.


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