Trump tweeted, ‘Stop counting’ as legal counting continues

President TrumpDonald John Trumpden led Biden in Georgia ahead of Trump, gaining edge in Georgia, profiting in Pennsylvania gore: This election is over 2000 ‘completely different’ On Thursday it was demanded that ballots be counted in the presidential race, as the returns significantly limited the reelection against the Democratic nominee. Joe BidenJoe Biden draws Biden ahead of Trump in Georgia Biden takes edge in Georgia, makes gains in Pennsylvania gore: This election is ‘completely different’ from 2000, Sought to clarify his campaign later.

“Stop it!” Trump tweeted secretly on Thursday morning, as activists across the country continued to count several of the ballots legally received by mail, to determine the final result in the election.

“At no point will any vote come that vote will be taken!” Trump later tweeted. Twitter put a warning label on that post and wrote “Some votes may still need to be counted.”

Many states allowed additional days for receipt of ballots posted by Election Day. These include the swing states of Pennsylvania and North Carolina, which are allowed to mail ballots on election day, to be counted, after three and nine days, respectively. The Supreme Court has allowed those extensions to remain.

Pennsylvania did not allow officials to begin counting hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots until Election Day.

Trump’s remarks come as his lead over Biden in Pennsylvania and Georgia are heard as counting consecutive votes. Biden nonetheless led Trump to Arizona, where the gap between the two candidates narrowed overnight. Stopping the count in Arizona would leave Biden ahead.

Biden also goes to Nevada, although several ballots are yet to be counted. Republicans are hoping the race gets around.

Republicans challenging the counting process have sought to argue that they are making the case that only legal ballots are counted. Trump’s tweet falsified the message, stating that all ballot counts should be closed without distinguishing for legal ballots.

On a phone call with reporters later on Thursday, Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller said Trump was not addressing legal ballots, but was expressing concern about “illegal ballots”.

“If these are legal ballots and people are following the law and they are clearly marked and they are on hold and we have signature matches where the areas are, obviously all legal ballots should be counted, “Miller asked to clarify the tweet. .

He said, “What we are not doing is being done with ballots, those coming late with ballots or ballots, which are magically being found in very suspicious circumstances, all of them Should be set aside and dealt with separately, ”he said. “The Chairman is right. We should not count illegal ballots and we hold fast to that opinion.

There is no evidence that such ballots hold a significant amount of outstanding votes and Miller did not cite specific evidence to support his suspicion.

Biden has been declared the winner in two states – Michigan and Wisconsin – Trump won in 2016 after being on Trump for a morning and a day on Wednesday.

Trump’s tweet is part of a broader attack on the election process that the president has engaged in for months. Trump regularly raided the use of mail-in ballots, claiming that widespread mail-in voting would be fraudulent, leading experts to say that there is no evidence of meaningful fraud in mail-in voting. States across the country have expanded access to mail-in voting due to the coronovirus epidemic.

Trump’s remarks also come as his campaign challenges the election results.

Trump’s campaign on Wednesday filed lawsuits in three states – Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan, that challenged the counting process. Trump’s campaign also calls for a recruits in Wisconsin, a state Biden won by nearly 20,000 votes, citing “reports of irregularities.”

Trump prematurely announced victory in the presidential race in remarks Wednesday morning, saying he “wants to stop all voting”, threatening legal action. His remarks have been criticized by many Republicans.

“I felt it was outrageous and a terrible mistake,” Maryland Village Larry Hogan (R) said Wednesday during a virtual Washington Post event. “Regardless of where you stand in this race and which party you’re in and who you’ve voted for, most Americans really want a free and fair election process, and they want us to count the votes.”

Trump has not been publicly seen since his remarks in the White House on Wednesday morning. He has tweeted sporadically to eliminate allegations of electoral fraud, and many of his messages have been flagged by Twitter for containing misleading information.

In brief remarks, Biden expressed confidence Wednesday that he would win the presidential race, but fell short of declaring himself the winner, insisting that all outstanding votes be counted.

“Now every vote should be counted,” said Biden. “No one will take our democracy away from us. Not now, never. America has come too far. America fought many battles. America always allowed this to happen. “

“We won’t shut up. We will not be fed up. We will not surrender, ”he continued.

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