Trump told aide not to pay Guliani because he is upset with him: Wepo

  • President Donald Trump told the aide not to pay Rudy Giuliani because he is upset with him, The Washington Post reported and The New York Times confirmed.
  • Trump feels that the allies did not stand up for him as Congress pushed him for impeachment for the second time.
  • He also felt that he was not defended after instigating a mob that disbanded the Capitol and killed five people.
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The Donald Trump is now upset with personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and has directed him not to pay his legal fees, The Washington Post reported and The New York Times confirmed.

Trump was impeached for the second time on Wednesday. The House of Representatives brought an article of impeachment to “incite rebellion”; 232–205 was approved with ten Republican voting in favor of impeachment of the President. The allegation is due to Trump’s role in a coup attempt in the US Capitol last week that killed five people. He is now the head of the Senate for the trial.

According to The Post and The Times, Trump has become increasingly isolated – cutting some allies, while others are evacuating the White House in the final weeks of the Trump administration.

Giuliani is one of the confidants whose relationship with the president has become appalling.

The New York Times reported that White House officials began to intercept Giuliani’s calls to Trump, and according to The Post, Trump told aides not to pay him.

The Times reported that Trump was “offended” by some of Giuliani’s actions, including requesting $ 20,000 for his work to fight the election results. (A fee Giuliani has denied.) Trump has also instructed allies that he would personally approve any reimbursement to Giuliani for the trip, disputing the election results, The Post reported.

Giuliani had encouraged Trump to believe baseless conspiracy theories about no electoral fraud. Trump and Republican allies failed to win any of the several dozen lawsuits he contested in the courts to reverse the election results.

Giuliani has also been criticized for his remarks during the “Save America” ​​rally that preceded the siege of the Capitol.

The lawyer called for a “trial by combat” at the rally, but later claimed that he was merely making a “Game of Thrones” reference and not calling for violence.

Several, including former assistant American lawyers who worked with him, said he was rejected over his comments.

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A senior administration official told The Post that not only Giuliani, but Trump is also troubled by it, but Vice President Mike Pence, Press Secretary Kayle McNee, Senior Advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner, Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow, National Security Advisor Robert O. ‘Brian, and Chief of Staff Mark Meadow who believes he has not been defended after recent events.

“The president is quite injured,” a senior administration official told The Post. “Nobody is out.”

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