Trump to hold rally in Georgia ahead of Senate runoff

President TrumpThe Donald Trumppost office is named after the oldest Federal Agents of Pearl Harbor Veterans, which shows previews Sunday in connection with the Nashville explosion in Antioch: COVID-19 awaiting relief at Trump’s signature; Government continues to vaccinate more On Sunday, a day before the state’s two Senate runoff announced plans to hold a rally in Georgia to support the endorsement of Republican candidates.

The president tweeted on Sunday that he would head to Georgia on Monday, January 4, censoring his support for a rally. Kelly LoefflerKelly Loeffler Biden on working with Senate Republicans: ‘I will never publicly embarrass them’ The GOP attempts to avoid a dirty Trump fight over Electoral College Ospho, each rake with more than 0 million (R-Ga.) And David perdueDavid Perduiden on working with Senate Republicans: ‘I’ll never publicly embarrass them’ Ossof, after Warnock traded each rake in excess of 0 million as a judge to close Georgia’s ballot drop box GOP lawsuit thrown for. (R-Ga.) Before the runoff will determine which party controls the US Senate.

“From two great senators, @sendavidperdue And @KLoeffler, I am going to Georgia on Monday night, January 4. To have a big and amazing rally, ”Trump posted. “It is so important for our country that they win!”

The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced that it would host a “Victory Rally” in Dalton, Ga. On January 7 at 7 pm. 4. The RNC noted that the temperature of all attendees would be checked and they would be provided with a hand sanitizer. Mask “which they are instructed to wear.”

Lofler and Purdue will also speak at the rally at Dalton Regional Airport.

The two senators face off against Democratic candidates Rev. Rafael Warnock and John Ossoff, respectively, in the runoff on 5 January. Both Senate races were sent to a runoff after having no candidate in either election.

If the Democratic candidates win both seats, the upper chamber will be split 50-50 with the vice presidential election Kamala HarrisKamala Harris set to clash in historic first of 2020 and what Democrats want to see in the new year, Biden, Harris issues Christmas greetings, calls for COVID-19 to continue precautions There was a tie-breaking vote. If the Republican senator reclaims his seat, the GOP will retain control of the Senate.

Trump campaigned for two Republican senators last month, claiming during a speech that the election was “hardened” against him. Vice president Mike penceMichael (Mike) Richard Pensgold COVID-19 Cases surpassed 80 million: Memo: Could Pence run and win in 2024? Saudi Crown Prince gets first dose of COVID-19 vaccine MORE Georgia has also spent time in rally support for two Republicans.

Meanwhile, the president refused to run for president Joe BidenJoe Bidenbrother Preview of Biden Advisor Richesati, appointed as lobbyist at Amazon Sunday, shows: COVID-19 relief awaits Trump’s signature; Government Continues Vaccine Roll Global COVID-19 Cases Over 80 Million Following Biden’s election victory, promoting claims about widespread voter fraud without presenting supporting evidence in court.

Democrats hope they can make Senate seats blue on January 5 after becoming the first Democratic presidential candidate to win the Peach State since 1992.

Biden campaigned for Democratic contenders, encouraging Georgia voters to hold Warnock and Osoff to the post, in addition to a slim House majority for Democrats.


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