Trump Surrogate on Election Legal Challenges: ‘Hopefully Amy Comes Through Connie Barrett’

California Republican National Committee member and women’s co-chair for Trump said in an interview Thursday that she hopes for the Supreme Court Amy Connie BarrettAmy Connie Barrettbort Budowski: Democracy in America is on trial, Collins wins Maine race, lowers Democratic chance for Senate Supreme Court battling against Catholic organization. Pennsylvania’s extended mail ballet will “come through” in a deadline dispute that is currently pending in the Supreme Court.

Trump’s campaign on Thursday filed a motion to intervene in the case, which, if successful, would close Pennsylvania’s extended Nov. 6. The post will invalidate the ballot acceptance and those coming after Election Day.

Whether or not the court takes up the case, Barrett can play an important role, and if she does, she will have to face a decision as to whether she is against withdrawing or awarding late-arriving votes.

In an interview with Fox News Lo dobsLuis (Lu) Karl Dobsgaram dismissed criticism from Fox Business’s Low Dobes Low Dobbs, after Lindsey Graham: ‘I don’t know why anyone would vote for him’ Shepard Smith at CNBC in the first week averaged 322,000 viewers, Attorney and Trump surrogate Harmeet Dhillon, also discussed litigation in which the campaign is seeking to more closely monitor the vote count in Pennsylvania.

Dhillon claimed that “election officials are in contempt” that ignoring the court order and going on with the Republican election without counting.

Dhillon said, “Because the election is so close and because the president’s leadership is declining, we can lose it, and it is resentment that those people are in contempt of court.”

Dhillon then withdrew the case pending in the US Supreme Court.

“We are waiting for the United States Supreme Court – of which the president has nominated three judges – to step in and do something,” she continued. And hopefully Amy Connie Barrett will come through it and pick it up. “

However, Dhillon said that “there is no guarantee,” adding that Republicans have to fight on the ground and make sure we challenge everywhere.

Should the court approve the appeal, a decision would fall less than two months after Trump nominated Barrett, who filled the seat vacated by Justice Ruth Bader GinsburgRuth Bader GinsburgPelosi: Amy Connie Barrett’s ‘an illegitimate Supreme Court Justice’ Trump court and environmental law erosion caused Ginsberg’s granddaughter to cut election ad for progressive group: ‘His voice heard on the ballot box’ and.

During her hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee last month, Barrett refused to say whether she would distance herself from potential cases related to the November election.

“It’s always after consultation with the full court, so I can’t give an opinion on the repetition without short-circuiting that whole process,” Barrett said at the time.

“I am fully and honestly committed to enforcing the law of reconsideration, and part of that law is to consider any appearance questions. … But I do not yet have legal conclusions about one outcome of the decision I can give, which I will reach., “Said Barrett.

According to The Associated Press, Trump was leading Pennsylvania on Thursday evening with 89 percent of the ballots with more than 75,000 votes.

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