Trump supporters, other passengers screaming in boxing on plane

President Donald Trump’s supporters entered an angry shouting match with other passengers on a Washington-bound American Airlines plane after cabin-sealing and the “Trump 2020” logo on the walls were projected.

Trump supporters said a passenger threatened to kill them, and was yelling back and forth. A flight attendant intervened, and asked a passenger to sit.

The incident landed at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, DC on Tuesday night after a US Flight 1291 flight from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and taxi to the gate.

The scene was posted on Twitter by Oregon freelance journalist Portland, Maranie Staub, who says on her website that she focuses on human rights and social-justice issues.

“Our team is reviewing the incident,” said American Airlines spokesman Curtis Blessing.

American said law enforcement was not called, and the passengers displaced and dispersed without incident.

The tweet with the video is here:


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