Trump steps down on federal pay advisory executive order reclassification workers

Trump named Sanders, who served under the Bush administration in December 2017. This advisory group is responsible for providing recommendations to the White House on how to pay federal salaries based on regional costs of living.

The executive order issued on Wednesday stripped job security for many unionized workers, which unions and Democrats denounced as an attempt to politicize the civil service.

Agencies are required to place any worker responsible for conducting the policy – a number called a union leader – a day before the presidential inauguration, until January 19 under a new category called Schedule F. Maybe in.

These include positions of “confidential, policy-making, policy-making, or policy-advocating character” that are not “subject to change as a result of the president’s transition to the general term,” including those supervising lawyers Do or report to the presidency, the order reads.

Under the new schedule, employees will be exempted from certain hiring and firing protections, which will make them easier to carry and dismiss. The Federal Labor Relations Authority should “swiftly petition” agencies to remove union positions from any bargaining unit under consideration, preventing union involvement.

The White House labeled the order a step towards efficiency, removing the order which was labeled “poor performers”.

But critics say that, if Trump wins the reunion on November 3, the change would make it easier to remove civil servants who don’t agree with the administration’s policies. If he loses, in theory, it could make it easier for political appointees to transition into civil servant roles – allowing them to stay beyond transition.

Sanders, who described himself as a lifelong Republican, said he could not be part of an administration that “wants to work to replace political expertise with political expertise. Career federal employees legally And are dutyless; our constitution and the rule of law … not to be loyal to a particular president or administration, “he wrote.

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