Trump spurs with reporter wearing mask in press conference: ‘You’re very muffled’

President Trump asked a reporter to remove his face mask during a Workers’ Day press conference at the White House on Monday, arguing that he could not hear the “confused” question.

After citing the United States’ economic recovery in the wake of coronovirus and calling his Democratic rival Joe Biden a “pawn” for China, Trump opened the conference to questions. When Reuters’ Jeff Mason stood up to speak, Trump intervened.

“You’re going to take that off, please. You can take it off. How many feet away are you?” The President said.

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Mason refused to remove his mask, but offered to “speak very loudly”.

Trump responded, “Well, if you don’t take it off – you’re very sad,” so if you shut it down, it would be a lot easier. ”

Mason again offered to “speak very loudly” and asked Trump “is it better?”

Trump responded hesitantly, “It’s better.”

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At one point later in the presidential conference, Mason appeared to take a jab when he saw another reporter who had removed his mask, “so clear … as everyone protests where they refuse.” “